Sunday, March 21, 2010

He (Kris Coon) credited the officers involved with saving his life.

Two officers fired weapons in fatal Eureka shooting; chief says there was no alternative to deadly force
'I could have been killed so quickly'; Thursday shootings in Eureka believed to be linked

EPD shooting officers identified


  1. Rose, I was involved in an very similar situation a couple months back, and I can tell you the EPD was Super Super Pro. They were on the scene quick; I was so happy to see them I almost jumped into their arms and cried like a little baby.

  2. The "accidental" shooting of the blues singer in Arcata smells like the same thing, a Meth addict in action. You have to wonder why the singer STILL tries to cover up for her addicted boyfriend.

    Glad the cops weren't hurt. We owe these guys.


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