Friday, March 26, 2010

Two strikes - SECOND Peterson trial ends with deadlocked jury

Fortuna High School teacher sex trial ends with deadlocked jury

Deputy District Attorney Maggie Fleming said she will discuss whether to try Peterson again with District Attorney Paul Gallegos. Their decision will be made by the next court date on April 13.

...the vote on the first charge was five to five with two undecided, and the vote on the second was five for guilty, six for not guilty and one undecided.

”There were story inconsistencies from every single witness,” Frye said.

“There were some in the jury who had a hard time believing anything they (the witnesses) were saying.”...

The jury in the first trial, held last August, found Peterson not guilty of a charge of oral copulation with a minor, while the jury could not reach a verdict on the two charges she was retried on.

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