Saturday, March 20, 2010

the Peterson retrial

It is an interesting contrast that Gallegos decided to retry THIS case and NOT RETRY David Gabriel (SEQUOIA) Barger.

Yet another example of the schizophrenic nature of Gallegos prosecutions.

Jury deliberates on Fortuna High student-teacher sex case

Closing arguments begin in trial of Fortuna teacher Deirdre Peterson
Fortuna teacher's second trial sees victim take stand
Fortuna teacher's second trial set to begin today
Peterson pleads not guilty
Jury hung in Peterson case
Normally when a jury returns without a verdict, the judge sends them back into deliberations, but “the jury said they were hopelessly deadlocked,” Gallegos said.
Although the jury didn't rule in his favor, Gallegos said he was pleased that they weren't convinced by Peterson's defense.

...(alternate juror) Aronovici isn't convinced the next jury can reach a verdict if the case is retried.
”I think another jury's going to have the same problem,” he said.

Peterson case delayed for more potential witnesses
Peterson surrenders, released on bail
Peterson pleads not guilty at arraignment
Accused teacher's fate now in the hands of jurors
Trial starts for former Fortuna teacher
Fortuna teacher's retrial underway with jury selection
Accused teacher still on mandatory leave
Jurors to evaluate teen's testimony to court, police
Fortuna teacher's trial date confirmed
Judge hears evidence of sex abuse in Fortuna High School teacher case
Accused teacher's case in DA's hands
Fortuna High teacher charged
Fortuna High School teacher facing felony charge


  1. What's interesting is how he keeps throwing Fleming and Cardoza at all his tough cases. He blows Quigley-- desperate lateral to Fleming. He hangs Peterson, tools around with it for months, another last second lateral to--Fleming. What happened to all the talented young lawyers he brought in? How come Fleming and Cardoza have to do all the cases he's scared of, while Keat runs the office for the surfer boy? Pathetic. Where would he be without the Farmer remnant that keeps him afloat?

  2. I see nothing in the TS about a verdict. Have they really been out three days with no verdict? That's a bad sign for the prosecution.

  3. I was wrong, they managed to hang on the third day. Kind of a pimp slap to the DA, is how I see this.

  4. Gallegos was overheard saying he had not even viewed the police video interview of John Doe in this case prior to the jury viewing it in the first trial. Under what pretenses did he try this teacher? When the boy was asked if he had "forced Peterson to do anything against her will..." he failed to answer after several pauses to which he finally answered "um...yea..." John Doe admited to checking on Peterson's boys who were home during the assault. He stated in second trial that he went from room to room making sure they were asleep before knocking on Peterson's door.The DA botched this investigation. Even after serious coaching from Flemming and Billy Honsell, their witnesses wouldn't say what they had coached them to say.This was merely an unsubstantialed high profile case he thought he could win.Poor teacher and school.


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