Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mirror hits the bigtime

Media Boogeyman: If Activists Scare You Away from Fish Oil, They Save the Fishes! Breitbart
...What might a real journalist do – one who wasn’t obviously biased towards Eco-Activists? For starters, take another look at who actually is named in the lawsuit: the largest producers of oil supplements. Why? Try to harm the biggest retailers and manufacturers and you harm the majority of the industry’s sales. Where’s the reporting on this angle? Non-existent.

How about the angle that only ten supplements were tested by the plaintiffs out of the hundreds on the market? Why hasn’t any reporter asked about the testing methods? What methods were used? What standards did they conform to?

Who exactly is the plaintiff – Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation? At least we have some intrepid bloggers who investigated exactly the kind of shady outfit Mateel is – one that makes profits from frivolous lawsuit settlements on the backs on the working people of America. As the Humboldt Mirror blog points out:

Mateel settled 39 lawsuits in 2008 for over $1.7 million….but it’s not just warning labels, product reformulations and excessive attorneys fees that Mateel is after. Through Prop. 65 lawsuit settlements, Mateel also pilfered … “other distributions” that was handed over to other environmental groups.

Oh, now the fact that the largest (read: deepest pockets) in the supplement industry got sued makes a little more sense, doesn’t it?

How’s that for real reporting?

Go back and look at all those articles you just Googled. Did any mainstream media outlet cover Mateel’s strategy? If you said “no”, then you win a pitchfork to help shove the PCB Boogeyman back in his closet.

The title is wrong, though - they don't save the fishes, they rake in the big bucks.


  1. I wouldn't call the Humboldt Mirror journalists.

  2. I like it better when they call Bonnie Neely ugly

  3. No. Facts are much better.

  4. Hung Jury (again) in the second Deirdre Peterson trial.

    The fortuna high teaher who had sex with a male student and then cried rape.

  5. What IF she was raped? I am sure the jury weighed what evidence there was. Seems like the current DA can't build a case.


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