Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disclosapalooza -

The Journal has campaign filings posted -
Weirdness abounds in the District Attorney race. Incumbent Paul Gallegos is the fundraising champion in this period, with $27,093 taken in — however, $20,000 of that was from a loan from a David Gallegos of Weston, Fla. David G. also chipped in a $5,000 donation. Gallegos also appears to be outsourcing his campaign — the physical address for his campaign committee is a West Hollywood office apparently belonging to a political consultancy called “ml Associates.” Meanwhile, the da candidate with the least name recognition — former prosecutor Kathleen Bryson — has, according to her disclosure forms, apparently accomplished the very unusual trick of raising $8,450 in increments of less than $100 while taking in only $300 in donations above that amount. Bryson has also loaned her campaign $5,000. Fellow challengers Paul Hagen ($10,347 raised) and Allison Jackson ($13,674) are close to neck and neck, though Hagen got there with the help of $7,400 in loans from himself and his campaign treasurer, Eureka conservationist Maggie Herbelin.
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Money flows into local races in Humboldt County
MLA's expertise in accounting has helped political and non-profit clients overcome obstacles to success...
ML Associates is a trusted professional organization which provides high quality professional financial services to non-profit and political organizations and tax preparation services for individuals, businesses and non-profits. We currently manage over $1M in client assets and are a proud member of the California Political Treasurers’ Association,...

ML Associates was founded in 2004 by Steven Mele. Mr. Mele served as the Financial Officer for several for-profit small to medium sized companies from 1996 to 2001 when he began providing independent non-profit accounting and political treasury services.
Office Location:
8265 Sunset Blvd., Suite 204
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Mailing Address:
8581 Santa Monica Blvd., #504
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: 323-654-2387
Fax: 323-395-0519

Money Speaks, Humboldt County Elections
The $$$ Blitz: Propping Up Candidates


  1. Wow. Gags has only raised 2k. The other 25k was from his family! And he is running his campaign from so cal and paying 4 thou a month for the epic gal to be the so called campaign manager. How so measure T. How pathetic

  2. I would maintain that Gallegos has always been backed by big money and special interests from out of the area - remember, His big time PR guy got sixty grand contracting with Hugo Chavez. That ain't no small time player - all the weeping and moaning about big money Palco, and people never looked at what was going on with Gallegos/"Alliance for oh-so-ethical Business"/ Salzman. (still active, by the way, using his listserve to solicit supplies for Gallegos.

    Looks like the money train has dried up. Like the Earth Firsters' who were treated so well while they were useful, and who now have to beg for warm socks

  3. Just received an e-mail from the Redwood Progressive e-mail list asking for donations of all kinds of furniture and stuff for the Gallegos campaign's new(?) Eureka office on 3rd Street.

  4. "Redwood Progressive" aka " aka AEB (Alliance for oh so ethical business) aka "R. Trent Williams" aka Richard Salzman...

    if you appreciate receiving his emails, he'd like you to send him a check.!

  5. No local support for Gallegos. It has dried up.

  6. No Bear River donations?


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