Thursday, March 11, 2010

Local blues singer Courtney Weaver testifies at alleged shooter's hearing;

Arcata resident Kenneth Fiaui is charged with attempted murder
The local blues singer who was shot in the face, allegedly by her then partner, testified at his preliminary hearing Wednesday that she was concerned for the safety of others when she tried to block him from leaving their apartment while he was armed with a gun.
Arcata resident Kenneth Fiaui, 34, is charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting Courtney Weaver, 23, on Jan. 15 as they were preparing to go out to a music venue. He has pleaded not guilty and is currently in custody at the Humboldt County jail.

Arcata shooting victim Courtney Weaver says she's achieving her dreams despite injuries

Within days of getting shot in the face, local blues singer Courtney Weaver already had her mind set on performing again. The 23-year-old Arcata resident began writing songs in a journal her aunt gave her while she was in the hospital.
Now, less than two months later, Weaver has churned out 35 songs and has plans for an album and a West Coast tour.
”I lucked out,” she said about her survival.


  1. This is my beloved daughter, Courtney. Thank God she is alive and has lived to tell the tale. You never believe a thing like this can happen to your children, having raised them in a loving and supportive home, and it's absolute horror and shock when it does happen. I still do not understand this insane attempt to take the life of another in such a heinous fashion. I tried to talk to his family about it -- I reached out to them and I was not accusatory or anything, but none of them ever acknowledged any of us in Courtney's immediate family. It's hard to forgive when no one in any connection with it will ever even talk to you or acknowledge you, but I'm trying. I've given up on any of his family ever communicating with me. Perhaps God can help me to learn to live with that, so I can forgive, but I'll never forget and I pray that my only daughter, whom I love very much, will once again be able to have a promising future with hope and love. Que Dios te Bendiga -- Courtney's Mom

  2. Our hearts go out to you.


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