Friday, March 19, 2010

From comments on a prior post: "I wanted to stand up and yell, "are you freaking KIDDING me?!"

Barger not guilty of first-degree murder

I was a juror and have to ask, speaking of those who "know Barger," why didn't the DA call any of the people who he was reported to have confessed to regarding the murder OTHER THAN a jailhouse snitch who got out of a felony and prison time due to his cooperation? Really, there wasn't ANYONE else to call at all other than him or the other two that were there when Rex was killed and could have also easily shot Rex (and certainly wouldn't confess anything on the stand that might put them in Barger's place)?

What about calling the other two passengers who were along for the ride in the truck? What about calling Rex's wife who spent multiple nights in bongo's bed following the murder (according to Bongo's testimony)? No video of the layout of the crime scene/farm so the jury could piece together if the stories made sense? Not one picture of anything other that a picture of Rex's credit card and driver's license? Not one copy of the dozens of police interviews put into evidence? There was a reinactment of the crime starring bongo. No tape? Come on!

The defense atty didn't have to defend Barger because the DA did the job. Or maybe the DA thinks the people of Humbolt county don't require things like evidence and non-compensated testimony.

The experience of sitting on that jury was amazingly frustrating. When they both rested their cases I wanted to stand up and yell, "are you freaking KIDDING me?!"

I do realize keeping up this blog seems obsessive. And there is a reason why I do it. This is one of those days that I am glad I have.

I don't think you will see Miller and Salzman holding any candlelight vigils for this one. This one can be laid squarely at Paul Gallegos' feet. And they know it.

'I could have been killed so quickly'; Thursday shootings in Eureka believed to be linked


  1. Rose. Thank you.
    David Sequoia Barger's story would have been told as just some guy rummaging through a carport who got shot by EPD - except it turns out he has ALREADY been through the Surfin' DA's revolving doors.

    Thankfully Barger didn't take anyone's life - but he does leave a trail of destruction in his wake.

    The truth is, 8 years, the DA's incompetence is coming home to roost, and there is more to come.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you Rose. To those who know Paul from a personal perspective who repeatedly say he's "such a nice man" - he may be - but he is not now, nor ever been qualified to be a prosecutor...and it is literally costing lives because he is too proud to step down from the race. Please Paul - choose another focus within the legal industry or choose another profession altogether - PLEASE.

  3. When people vote this June I do hope they reflect on the increase of crime in the past 6 to 8 years.

    I read that PVG claimed that violent crime has gone down since he was elected DA. I don't believe that and I doubt if PVG has any statistics to support his absurd claim.

    Allison Jackson is the only hope for the DA's office.

  4. Yes she is.

  5. Max Cardoza prosecuted Mr. Barger. Paul Gallegos never did anything on the case. I guess that does not fit your spin though.

  6. No Paul did. Isn't he the DA? Didn't he file it and give the immunity deals? Didn't he choose not to retry Barger? Why didn't he retry it and call the witnesses like the juror said?


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