Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rackauckas surfaces again - in endorsements

Election Roundup: Gallegos announces endorsements

The campaign to re-elect Paul Gallegos announced a host of endorsements Tuesday for Humboldt County's incumbent district attorney.
Former California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Association of Prosecuting Attorneys Chief Executive Officer David LaBahn, and Butte County Deputy District Attorney Gale Filter have all endorsed Gallegos, according to his campaign. Filter has served as the California District Attorneys Association's deputy executive director of consumer, environmental and legal services, where he supervised deputy district attorneys from Humboldt County.
Gallegos has also been endorsed by a host of California's district attorneys, including Mike Harper (Trinity County), Michael Riese (Del Norte), Michael Ramsey (Butte County), Will Richmond (Alpine County), Todd Riebe (Amador County), Tony Rackauckas (Orange County), George Booth (Mono County) and Will Richmond (Alpine County), according to the campaign. Yuba County Deputy District Attorney John Vacek has also endorsed Gallegos, according to the campaign.
Gallegos, who was first elected to the District Attorney's Office in 2002, has set up a campaign headquarters at 321 Third St. in Old Town Eureka, which is open to the public from noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The OCWeekly factually reported on The Orange County grand jury’s 100-page "Office of the District Attorney: An In-Depth Investigation" report that " accused DA Tony Rackauckas and Don Blankenship, the head of his criminal-investigation division, of cronyism, mismanagement and misuse of public resources."DA Puts ‘Pub’ Back in Public Funds!

Or this one: Missing Wives, Lousy Lies & Mob Ties Exhaustive grand-jury investigation confirms DA corruption noting that "On June 26, the Orange County grand jury rocked the local legal establishment when it declared that Rackauckas routinely abuses his awesome prosecutorial powers to protect friends and punish perceived enemies. According to the grand jury’s fact-filled, 100-page report, "Office of the District Attorney: An in-depth investigation," the DA is Nixonian in the darkest sense of the word: paranoid, petty, partisan, secretive, retaliatory and arrogant. And though this was a civil proceding, it’s easy to conclude that the jury’s findings demand a criminal investigation."..."

Meanwhile, there are sure to be dedicated, law-abiding local prosecutors who are biting their tongues and have yet to come forward in public about Rackauckas’ abuse of authority. We know because the grand jury also issued an ominous warning: "Of great concern to the grand jury were those deputy district attorneys and even members of the [DA’s] management team that expressed fear of retaliation should the confidentiality of their testimony be violated."

Alarms should go off when good prosecutors fear their own boss."

Surprised to see Del Norte DA on there, too.
Gallegos - Pelican Bay

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