Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A winning strategy...?
From Gallegos' site
With excitement and a measure of pride, I announce my campaign for re-election to the office of the Humboldt County District Attorney. I have served in this position effectively and faithfully for eight years, and see continued improvements ahead for our community in the next four years.

To give you an idea of the changes I have brought to the District Attorney’s Office:

In 2002, the case records were kept on 3x5 index cards! Despite drastic budget cuts, we now employ 21st century technology, enabling us to more successfully access the information needed to extend justice to the victims of violent and white collar crimesalike.

We took on Charles Hurwitz for fraudulently acquiring permits to overcut Pacific Lumber lands. Though PL was deeply rooted in the area, his illegal activities demanded action. Despite aggressive scare tactics, we succeeded in putting an end to Hurwitz’ local corruption.

In 2003, my office reopened and prosecuted the murder of Nathan Dannemiller. With the cooperation of Eureka police, we successfully solved the case, putting his murderers in prison for life.

We actively pursue cases long thought cold. Eighteen years after the murder of Blue Lake teenager Curtis Huntzinger, I put our investigators and deputies on the case. Within a few months, we obtained a full confession by the murderer and now the victim’s family can finally find some peace.

Last year we embarked on a landmark case against Skilled Healthcare Group that will bring justice to more than 32,000 elderly nursing home patients throughout California. I initiated the class action law suit against more than twenty nursing homes who have chosen profits over a natural instinct to protect human life. The victims will receive compensation for the wrong done them and Humboldt County will be rewarded sizeable legal fees.

My preference is to “lead from the front” and I have no fear to personally prosecute difficult cases. And by insisting on fairness and accuracy in the office and courtroom, we continually hone our professional ethics and competency. Though this is an ever-present goal, positive feedback from members of the local law community show me we are on the right track. We are committed to justice, not vengeance.

As a proven and substantial asset to the people of Humboldt County, I hope my experience will inspire you to publicly endorse this re-election campaign. 2010 is a year that will see many challenges. Together we can meet those challenges and continue to improve the lives of Humboldt County residents into the next decade.

Paul Gallegos

Riddled with doublespeak and spin... how many do you count?


  1. So Rose, do you plan to campaign for his opponent, or are you too embarrassed at what happened last time around?

  2. Asset? Well the dude has consumed almost 3/4 of a million dollars in salary over the last 7 years, but we will never recoup OUR loss.

    Bounce the Salzman slate of Gallegos/Neely and Cleary.

  3. Give him credit for putting 3x5 cards onto a computer. Most 6th graders could have done this. The other "accomplishments" were the work of others, failures claimed as victories, or works in progress (soon to be failures?). But then I doubt that he actually put the 3x5 cards into a database himself, so what has he really done?

  4. He has scared off Allison Jackson from even running now hasn't he!

  5. What the fuck, Skilled Healthcare is still in business fucking over old folks every day. DA did nothing to help them or the employees who have serious issues with discrimination, overworking, etc.

  6. Woof woof. I wrote that, not galllegos. I'm gonna sue.

  7. You truly bring obsession to a whole new level, Rose.

    Geesh, I thought I was obsessed with trees(a more healthy obsession in my opinion.)

    Do you ever do anything that is fun? Any positivity flowing through your veins?

  8. Obsession? More like commitment, Jeff.

    Don't worry. It is almost over.

  9. A pretty sorry list
    Endorsers 2010

    Kevin Arnoul
    Arnoul Electric
    Kelly Baraka
    Laura Benedict
    Patty Berg
    Former Assemblymember
    Harry Blumenthal
    Ellen Bryant
    Mo Burke
    Lost Coast Communications
    Allison Busch-Lovejoy
    Chris Byfield
    Barbara Carolan
    Humboldt Co. Democratic
    Central Comm. Member
    Carol Ann Conners
    Greg Conners
    Aimee Cox
    Wayne Cox
    David Crane
    David J. Crane
    Attorney at Law
    Julie Crane
    Allegra Curiel
    Nancy Cutter
    Natalynne DeLapp
    Allan Dollison
    Humboldt County District
    Attorney's Office
    Joan Dunning
    Judy Edson
    Fred Evenson
    Michael Evenson
    Elan Firpo
    John Ford
    Helen Gale
    Felix Gorrindo
    Mark & Claudia Hapgood
    Michael Harper
    District Attorney,
    Trinity County
    Dianna Heimstadt
    Michael Hislop
    William & Jody Honsal
    Jennifer Keller
    Bill Lockyer
    California State Treasurer
    and Former Attorney General
    Karen Lofts Jarboe
    Eileen McGee
    Ben McLaughlin
    Humboldt County District
    Attorney's Office
    Don Mill
    Ken Miller
    Laura Montagna
    Kelly Neel
    Humboldt County District
    Attorney's Office
    Pete Nichols
    Charles OBrien
    Charles Powell
    Mike Riese
    District Attorney
    Del Norte County
    Karin Rosman
    Richard W. Salzman
    Neal Sanders
    George Shieman
    Tammy Slade
    Roxana Stengl
    Eureka resident
    Alison Sterling Nichols
    Temple Suggs
    Keith Taylor
    Center for Indian Law
    & Economic Justice, Inc.
    Storm Taylor
    Julie Timmons
    HCDCC, retired
    member of AFSCME
    Mitch Trachtenberg
    Michael Twombly
    Frank Valdez
    Maureen Wasley
    Jessica Watson
    John Williams


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