Monday, February 01, 2010

Sundberg Kick Off article - Updated

What happened to the link to the Sundberg campaign kick off on the Times Standard site? It was there Sunday.
It's gone from the listing and this is the message that comes up:
Thank you for visiting Eureka Times Standard. We are sorry the article that you requested is no longer available. Please search for this article in our archive search.

The link for Cleary, however - a January 21st story - is still up

The comments are still there:

Sundberg official in 5th. 4 running for Humboldt County Assessor's seat? More Humboldt County political bits. Samoa Softball

UPDATE: The link is still not in the Local News listings online but the link is active, the article has been restored.


  1. Good spotting there Rose. The elite interests are clearly lined up behind Cleary. Sundberg is the only moderate in this race.

  2. Looks like it is possible there was some assassination attempt on that thread - comments have been deleted - but it doesn't explain pulling the article. Commenters are laying at Higgins feet, but I don't see Higgins doing that. Whether you like him or not, he is not a bad man.

    This political season is already getting nasty - and the worst is the attacks on Virginia Bass - at heraldo - the employee suit against the city has become get Dave Tyson and Virginia Bass. Can't waste a good crisis.

  3. Is Lipman still at TS in some way ? He's a Cleary backer.


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