Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two nice articles

on Paul Hagen and Kathleen Bryson by Daniel Mintz - in the McKinleyville Press, the Eye and the Independent. Get a copy.

One thing is for sure - the Grand Jury report is not only vindicated, it shows quite clearly that Gallegos STILL cannot manage the office. It most certainly is broken.

They'll be posted here on Tuesday the 16th.


  1. Bryson sounds like vindictive and disorganized.. Hagen sounds promising.

  2. Rose said...
    I don't think vindictive is the right word. Exasperated and disgusted, maybe.

    Either way, she ices the cake, where Hagen's statements about what is wrong in the office take a broader tack, she nails the specifics...

    Bryson has more advice for Gallegos: “When you hold a meeting, you don’t have it be just a bull session.” for example.

  3. I'll be posting the articles soon.


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