Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Campaign Finance

Yesterday was the last day to file semi-annual campaign disclosure statements for all candidates and slate mailer organizations for the period ending December 31, 2009.- Gov’t §§84200, 84218

Good thing this doesn’t smell bad. At all. Really. - The Mirror
Neely and the Coming Craziness The Journal
Holy moly, but does the black ops pr firm known as the Humboldt Mirror ever have a smoking hot story this morning. We would only add that the $10,000 donation from a SoCal developer to the Bonnie Neely for Supervisor campaign seems to have come not from the developer himself, but the developer’s corporation — a triple-touchy matter, obviously....
Lost in Humboldt heraldo
heraldo ignores it, choosing to post on Arkely's donations to Whitman
The Mirror expands... 27.3K?

Supervisors races attracting big money -- already - Times Standard

Update: 2/10 - STILL NO WORD FROM DAVID COBB AND KAITLIN SOPPOCCI-BELKNAP ON THIS VIOLATION OF THEIR PRECIOUS UNCONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE T. A large out-of-the-area CORPORATE donation, no less. All pigs are equal - but some pigs are more equal than others, apparently.

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