Monday, February 08, 2010

Fire With Fire... What Salzman -- and now Neely -- hath wrought.

Expensive elections, lawsuits and "groups." Long the hallmark of Salzman and his side of the fence - the other side is fighting fire with fire.

Whether I like it or not, I have to say it's about time, and more power to ya. Sadly.

Ballon Track: It’s On - Hank at the Blogthing
New group sues Coastal Commish over Balloon Track - heraldo
Citizens group and Pacific Legal Foundation sue over Balloon Track property appeals - TS

Citizens group sues California Coastal Commission over Balloon Track delay - TS

Enter the Backlash - The Journal, Town Dandy


  1. Rose I just think it is hilarious that you're practically in bed with one of the most left wing, greenie, socialist lawyers north of Marin County. Your personal obsession over Paul (which over the years has ranged from an imaginatively creepy innuendo about his sex life to outright paranoia that his assault rifle purchases were to silence political opponents) has finally reached its most bizarre turn.

    Rose supports Paul Hagan! LOL

  2. Obsession over Paul... meaning Paul Gallegos.

  3. "outright paranoia that his assault rifle purchases were to silence political opponents)"

    Well I do hope that he does whatever needed to protect his family at his house(without the use of taxpayer funded arms)if this election is like one's in the past where the threat of break-in's loom.
    I'd guess that Rose would be supporting Jackson,but perhaps she's not planning on turning in her paperwork now that Hagen is in.

  4. Anonymous at 7:36 - I wish it was possible to determine how many brain cells you have killed over the years.

  5. Rose, I remember your affair accusation when the DA was bashed against some rocks and had to be helicoptered to the hospital. You got completely worked up over the thought and have never apologized.

  6. What are you talking about? Why don't you elaborate on exactly what i said? Be REAL specific.

    We all know the rumors - you sure you want them rehashed?

  7. I am just going to add that it is a hallmark with you anonymous that you do not have a CLUE what you re talking about or what the facts are, so come on... let's hear it. You've been warned.

  8. And I can vouch for what Rose is talking about. I was there when both of us heard the real news scoop and witnessed for ourselves how it was hushed up on local news. Like Rose implies, you wanna open up that particular Gallegos can of worms, be our guest.

  9. I'd like to know what those rumors were.

  10. Yeah, Rose, what are YOU talking about?

  11. Apologize Rose.

  12. Elaborate. Be REAL specific.


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