Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OMG! you gotta pick up a copy

The McKinleyville Press, The Arcata Eye, and The Independent.
Read the two articles on Gallegos.

Gallegos: "Vast change" is work in progress
News Analysis: Can Gallegos win again?


  1. He is a loony moron. I mean, think if you owned a mid-sized business. Is this the fool you would hire for contracts? How about Grandma's will? He is a dolt.
    Anon by intent. Because the one thing we know about this jackass is that he will go after those who speak the truth.

  2. Some of his statements rival his wandering in the desert quote. He contradicts his own statements and doesn't even register a blip on the richter scale.

    The reporter is way too kind.

    Gallegos said a "vast change" has taken place and is ongoing...

    "We sent someone to jail for A YEAR for accidentally running over a bicyclist - that is a big change for Humboldt County" Paul Gallegos

    I'm not making it up.


  4. Yeah, Joel. We get that you are against other people having an opinion. Yours are ok, but no one else is allowed.

    Joel, whose work included posters titled "The bottle let me down, mixed media 2003, with a posterized image of George Bush with the words "He was nicer when he was drunk"

    You would think people who chose to act as protestors would be understanding and supportive, despite their disagreements, of other people's right to express their opinions.

    It's been interesting seeing what has happened when a few people stood up to say "Hey, wait a minute! Read the bill before you vote on it."

  5. Joel seems to be obsessing today. What the hell does this cartoon have to do with the topic of Gallegos being an total inept and incompetent idiot?

    Answer: nothing.

    Did you put that link on here because you make money when someone clicks on it? What gives dude?

  6. Why is it cons cannot write ANYTHING it seems without using
    'morons' and 'idiots' in the diatribes?

    I realize its not a one-way street,
    but the maturity and educational levels definitely seem skewed more to one side.

    Just wondering.....

    let the bashing begin....

  7. Ahem...

    Taxes, fiscal responsibility, small government, congress declaring war, constitutional government, sovereignty...

    I see why the liberals hate the Tea Party. Notice they keep saying it is creating a divide in the GOP... but then look at the Kentucky Senate race where Dems outnumber Repubs 2 to 1... who is polling best? Tea Party candidate. The revolution is on. The more fun they make of us, the stronger we'll become. The liberal power base is in for a shock.

  8. If the Tea Party runs a separate candidate for President, on their moniker or as an independent candidate, Pres. Obama will win re-election by a bigger margin than he prevailed over McCain in 2008. The Democrats are absolutely salivating over that. If you doubt this is true, I would cite two historical examples, one recent and one not so recent. The recent one involved a Congressional race in the NY-23 district. A seat held by the Republicans since the Civil War. The Democrat won the seat because of the presence of an independent Tea Party aligned candidate by the name of Doug Hoffman. The older historical example (and one on a national level) was Ross Perot in the Presidential races of '92 and '96. Here is a clue for the memory-challenged. Democrat Bill Clinton won those races. That is why Sarah Pain has said the Republicans would be wise to fold the Tea Party under their wing. The problem is that the GOP are a bunch of corporate apologists, and bailout masters. Last time I checked those were values not being espoused by the Tea Party. This fissure will continue to grow, especially so, when the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney in 2012, and Sarah Palin runs as the Tea Party candidate. Caribou Barbie is their gal. Tea Party = Republican defeat in 2012, and you know it.

  9. Oh who gives a fart about tea parties or whatever. Gallegos is inept and from what we have lived thru he is just incompetent. Hour said hour wasn't elected to eun the office?? Wtf?

  10. Typos. Oops. He actually said he wasn't elected to administer that office. Are we confused? What a total loss of tax payer money. Do you haVe a better word than boob or moron? Huh?


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