Friday, February 12, 2010


Durant to Leave T-S, Launch New Mag
Chris Durant, longtime Times-Standard reporter/onetime “Fat Guy“/all-time eathquake juker, has informed the Journal (in a World Exlusive!)(sp) that he will soon leave the trusty daily to create a “scene zine with a tongue-in-cheek view on local issues.”

Oh, and here’s a heads-up to Heraldo and the Mirror: Durant plans to put a bounty on the identities of anonymous bloggers. The Savage Henry Web site will allow people to donate money and submit information on blogger identities. The person who successfylly(sp) and accurately outs an anon-o-blogger (the veracity of the info will be subject to as-yet-undetermined criteria) wins the reward.


  1. Does it cover just people hosting the blogs, or will he try to figure out who posters are too?

  2. The ever ongoing ultimate masquerade ball. Who knows.

    I wish him luck, trying to make it with any publication up here is a tough go - too many media chasing too few advertising dollars. Ask any editor/publisher of any of the local papers.

    Might have been wiser to pitch his section to the Eye, the Press or the Journal, where you have some structure already in place. It ain't gonna be easy.

  3. What's the real story? Did Durant get the ax? Is the Times Standard closing up shop? Maybe its a Baykeeper plot!

  4. Eh, I kinda gave up on the who is heraldo thing - it's obviously a certain group, and in reality, aside from the distinct bias, a decent blog - the Mirror sorta balances it out, which is all I really care about, that both sides get told.

    It's been my complaint from the beginning. I don't care if you report that PL put in all this money, just make sure you also report that the "Alliance for oh-so-ethical-business" ALSO is a big gorilla with lots of money and an agenda and big out of the area backing/PR firms, expensive PR firms, no less.

    But it'll be interesting to see the jumping up and down about how awful it is to out heraldo and how heraldo may lose his/her/its/their job, Or whether that gets directed at Durant... Jane usually gets very upset about this...

  5. Isn't Heraldo Cynthia Elkins, Patrick Riggs, Dennis Huber, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap and Micheal Twombley? With support help from Ken Miller, Richard Salzman, Bob Ornelas, Joel Mielke, Heidi Walters, Mark Lovelace and Pete Nichols?

    With outside/inside sources, Larry Glass, Linda Atkins, Larry Evans, David Cobb, Ron Kuhnel, Chris Kerrigan and George Clark?

    Rose: You are getting close, keep it up!

  6. origin of Durant's intent

    Why do certain bloggers only seem to come out during election cycles???

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville - 5th District

  7. Heraldo is Larry Glass?! Or is it that Larry Glass is Heraldo.


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