Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Hagen being told to stand down?

Check out heraldo.


  1. Looks like it.

  2. Oh don't worry Hagen will never blow the Statute of Limitations on a Murder case. It doesn't have one. Then again he might never know that because he has never tried one single felony case ever. Neither has Bryson. But he can lead the office from the rear with his gear!

  3. You forget 10:01 Hagen did the Palco preparatory work that Gags now cites in his announcement as "We took on Charles Hurwitz for fraudulently acquiring permits to overcut Pacific Lumber lands."

    Funny how Gags is always taking credit for the work of others - in the courtroom, or in OpEds. Go Hagen!

  4. i wouldn't brag about the the palco thing. they lost, remember? well, we all lost.

  5. Exactly! Gallegos made THE decision to run with the case, without having determined whether the merits would stand on their own.

    Sound familiar?

  6. Didn't just lose - lost EVERY TIME IT WENT TO COURT.

    Then he gets rid of his environmental prosecutor - the one who HAD won a case.

    So, I still want to know - and maybe the esteemed new "President" of "The Palco, errr, Humboldt Watershed Council" can tell us - Who paid?

    Remember Bob Martel, who said his suit against Palco cost him $250,000 and took five years of research?

    When he lost, The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered him to pay the company legal fees of more than $110,000. And he said he hadn't earned "more than six thousand dollars in a year in recent memory"

    And you wonder - who paid those bills? Who paid the $250,000 that he couldn't possibly have afforded? Plus the more than $110,000. Has he been making monthly payments all this time?

    You can see why Gallegos was so valuable - he could waste the people's money instead of these individuals having to pay for their failed litigation.


  7. I think that was ken miller and mark lovelace. They were at the helm of the HWC at that time.

  8. Surely the current "pres" know the history of those he got himself mixed up with.

  9. OK 10:31. Let me get this straight. Hagen did the preparatory work for the PALCO case, so he should get lots of credit for that. My point was that the man has never tried a felony case ever. He admitted so before the Deputy Sheriff's Association a few days ago. The PALCO case which was a civil case does not count as a felony case. Also you want the man to get credit for the preparatory work. Is that the basic legal research of whether or not there was even a case? He must have said yes there was, and it turns out the Trial Court Judge and the three Justices of the Court of Appeal did not agree. That is supposed to be a plus, that the biggest legal research project (something typically done by law clerks) was a total and complete failure? This is supposed to count as credit for never having done a felony? Did not Worth Dikeman run on his record as being a very experienced serious felony prosecutor? Real leaders lead from the front. Like the son of Theodore Roosevelt, a Brigadier General who was the only General Officer to land on the beaches of France in D-Day. Paul Hagen an empty un-charismatic suit, who said the DA should not as his forte be a Trial Attorney! Why do you think he says that? Because he isn't one!

  10. Whatever happens this year, I'm not voting for anyone named Paul for DA. Not Gallegos...but before even that, never ever ever for Hagen.

    Anyone in bed with the Arcata mafia and giving Kevin Hoover thousands of $$$ in free legal aid MUST not be allowed to get anywhere near such a position of authority over the safety of so many ex-Arcata exiles who don't want the mob that runs that town using the county to continue their pursuit.

  11. 'So Lincoln could not lead during the Civil War because he was not a general? The DA is not supposed to be a trial lawyer. If you think othewise, review the practices of other DA's. They are administrators and managers. Would it be nice if Hagen had tried felony crimes? Sure. But it's not essential. Decency, honesty, respect, responsiveness, those are essential.

  12. Uh knowledge experience and formal training. That is essential. If yoU don't have a good grasp on those you can't be an administrator. How can you make the necessary decisions and supervise if you don't know what the hek you are doing? But Hagan is better than gallegos any day.


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