Saturday, February 13, 2010

One big gaping omission

Larry Hourany Ph.D is back, sans the Ph.D this time - and he is upset that the business community isn't supporting his job-killing buddy Pat Higgins. Therefore they become evil developers, and their money is tainted.

He says he read James Faulk's "informative article" and says he will be working "with the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee to see if there is a solution to local campaign finance reform."

NO MENTION of the ten grand Bonnie Neely got from an out of area developer, a really big one at that. A great big glaring omission there. No mention of huge donations from Bill Pierson, who depends on her to block his competition. Presumably, Hourany supports THAT.

No recognition of the fact that local businesspeople have a right to support the candidates they believe will best represent the interests of the business community - i.e., NOT the job-killers. It looks like they have decided to stand up and fight back. He sees this as 'white hot propaganda' - owwww, it burnnnnnssss!

Pat Higgins didn't make his bed, he climbed in with the "progressives" and now he has to accept the consequences.

It's sad for him that his "progressive" buddies, who were oh so supportive in their efforts to get him on the Harbor Commission, have now abandoned him. He may feel he has earned the right to move up the chain, Harbor Commissioner was supposed to be a nice boost to his resume, after all. What he didn't realize is, they are not his friends, and were only using him to secure a place on the Harbor Commission, a trustworthy "progressive" vote against all business development in Humboldt County. He's out of line expecting them to give up that seat to let him move up. They have another chosen one to place in the Supervisor seat.

White hot propaganda wars pollute the media


  1. The blogs are quiet today. Must be the eye of the storm.

  2. "Presumably, Hourany supports THAT."

    Wow.I go away for a few days and in the meantime you've become a mindreader.

  3. Well, Mark, it's an interesting piece. How else do you explain leaving out the elephant in the room.

    I realize Faulk soft-pedaled it, but it is certainly impossible for anybody as interested in the political scene as Hourany to have MISSED it.

    How can anyone ignore Bonnie's ten grand from an out-of-area donor, a developer no less and one that has projects that went before the Coastal Commission no less?

    As far as the increasing cost of running for office - that has been the case ever since Richard Salzman came on the scene. Back when Jill ran against Ben Shepherd, thirty grand was an expensive race, and that included a primary and a general.

    Now you have people talking about needing two hundred grand to even think about competing.

    However, Jill spent a little under thirteen grand in her last winning race, in the Fifth District, and she has won every election without taking big donations, without Casino money, without Palco money, and without the help of the HCDCC. Iy can be done.

    Money is only one of Higgins' problems. And rather than criticizing people who are choosing to donate to his opponent, he ought to be asking himself why they'd rather have anybody but him in that seat.

    You cannot kill off your business community if you want to protect the people in your community, your community cannot thrive without a healthy business climate, you cannot have all the wonderful extras - like his precious trails - without a stable base.

    It ain't rocket science. sure does seem to be coming as a shock to some, though.

  4. "How else do you explain leaving out the elephant in the room."

    He wrote about the top receivers of donations in total,then opted to discuss finance reform in the limited space allotted to him on the subject at hand.


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