Monday, February 01, 2010

Mr. Infill and the DA

Supervisors back felony charge for Titlow Hill subdivisions
...Bareilles reportedly illegally subdivided his rural property, the former Double B Ranch in the Titlow Hill area, about 20 years ago. The county, which said it only came across the full extent of the activity recently after investigating a complaint, has since collected taxes on those parcels.

Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace said after the hearing that the probation report was not what the county was concerned about -- the county would recommend a felony regardless, based on what's happened over the last 20 years on the property. The county's letter outlined the impact Bareilles' reported actions have caused to the environment, those living in the area and to county operations.

Lovelace said Bareilles' testimony did not sway him.

”Everything he said only confirms what the board put in the letter,” he said. “He only wants a solution that basically gives him everything that he wants.”

The District Attorney's Office offered Bareilles a plea bargain that would have involved Bareilles making a contribution of $283,000 to be deposited into a trust for the county to use to fix the violations, Lovelace said.

Bareilles has yet to agree to the deal, Deputy District Attorney Christa McKimmy said.


From the comments:
Ken Bareilles Jr.
This article is wrong on a lot of points, for example, the amount in the article was $238,000.00. But at the hearing yesterday, which I attended, the amount was $283,000.00. Fact check much?

Also, at the time Bareilles entered the guilty plea, it was conditional that he be allowed to put on evidence and argue for it to be tried as a misdemeanor rather than a felony. That was a part of the plea. This article implies he changed his tune at a later date.

The article also doesn't mention that Bareilles applied for and received approval by the Board of Supervisors for a large subdivision in the area back in the 1970's and early 1980's. The Board said yes, Bareilles did all the work and then, with Bareilles more than one million in debt at the time of completing the subdivision, the Board changed their mind and denied the subdivision.

Full disclosure, this is my father.

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  1. If you want to see a grossly inappropriate plea bargain look into CR063146BS.

    Defendant had 1800+ plants and DESTROYED A CREEK with diesel. Not only did he get less than 9 months in County Jail, our DA let him terminate his probation a year early AND let him have the conviction expunged.
    This person is the leading pot grower in Humboldt in cahoots with his daddy and the rest of their organization they have laundered millions of dollars per year through their money laundering factory in GVille. For over 15 years. One HCSO Detective believes this organization is responsible for 6 or 8 murders. And Gallegos let this guy skate; go ahead and be an investigative blogger, look at that file and the related ones pertaining to this family.

    And watch your back, Mike El Gordo Corrupto Downey is in cahoots with this organization.


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