Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This really is the D.A.s case

Humboldt County, residents await Titlow Hill resolution

Only the D.A. can decide to press felony charges. So what happened?

Supervisors back felony charge for Titlow Hill subdivisions
"...The District Attorney's Office offered Bareilles a plea bargain that would have involved Bareilles making a contribution of $283,000 to be deposited into a trust for the county to use to fix the violations, Lovelace said.
Bareilles has yet to agree to the deal, Deputy District Attorney Christa McKimmy said...."

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  1. The DA agreed not to object to Barellies asking the court to reduce it to a misdemeanor. Essentially, filing the felony and agreeing to stand silent when KB asks the court to reduce it. Rather chicken shit as usual since it is the DA's job to advocate and not stand silent. If there is no objection, the court usually will reduce it. I guess the supes have a big objection which they raised because the DA wouldn't do it. (seems like the DA filed it as a felony to look good the the Lovelace and Healthy Humboldt folks while agreeing to be silent to appease the pot growers.)

    I hope that the judge sees the magnitude of the deceipt by KB and doesn't reduce it. This guy has been taking advantage of all of us and the ineptness of the county for years and has made a lot of money. He knows he was doing wrong, but chose so because of the profit. This is common criminal stuff...happens everyday. He didn't think he would get caught and if he got caught he would just pay a fine and go on his merry way.

    Anybody who knows anybody up there knows it is an environmental mess and a health and safety danger all caused by KB.


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