Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quote of the day - Can't resist

Polar opposite views - Gotta love the dueling headlines:
Quote of the day The Humboldt Mirror
Quote of the day The Humboldt Herald
And the funny thing is it's the crowd on heraldo who, not so long ago, was "balls to the wall" out to get Bonnie Neely.
Dozens turn out for Marina Center lawsuit announcement
...”They're no strangers to issues of jurisdiction -- they've been challenged in the past -- but, I'll leave it up to counsel for the coastal commission to comment on the lawsuit,” (Bonnie) Neely said before turning her attention to the attorneys representing the local citizens group. “The Pacific Legal Foundation is a Sacramento special interest group funded by big oil and tobacco companies, and I don't think anybody in Humboldt County trusts them to clean up a toxic site.”...

Just a Sacramento "special interest group" - once again the Orwellian turn of phrase, that odd Bizarro Superman juxtaposition. WHO is the "special interest group" here? Why, it is the ones you have aligned with, the predatory litigious groups.

Either way it is going to be interesting to see this play out - what I am looking for is how they explain the "special interest" enviro groups filing suit one day, and within about 24 hours some 87-page staff report WITH a recommendation is released. It seems to me that the only way that could have been done (we all know how long it takes staff anywhere to do anything) is if the staff report was written first, and then provided to the appellant so they could write up their complaint. There's a word for that, and it starts with c-o-l-l-u-s-i-o-n if that happened.

With regards to Neely - and this is directed TO Neely - this isn't high school. You don't get to indulge in petty wars with your constituents, cliques and alliances have no place in the world you have chosen. You don't like somebody, tough. Rob Arkley is a citizen in your town, your County. He is a successful businessman and employer in your town. He has donated a boardwalk to your town. A building for your zoo, and not some cheap metal building. He has enabled your Co-op to build and move into a building they will enjoy for a hundred years. He has rebuilt and stayed located in your dying downtown, and given the town, the County, an entirely new performance arts theatre.

For you to now, when he has another project, not a seat-of-the-pants project as so many other's in the past have been, to build business and retail space, bring business to your town, and provide jobs to the people of your town - your petty hatreds and vendettas are not only wearing thin, they are on full display. It is not statesmanlike, it is not appropriate, and it is not in the best interests of your community.

As a Supervisor, you could have gone out begging businesses to locate in your dying downtown - you could have gone begging for funds to rebuild the Daly building, for any purpose, same with the zoo, same with the Boardwalk, and same with the Co-Op - if you had come back successful in any one of those endeavors you would have touted it to the heavens as an accomplishment.

It has all been given freely. from one source. Without any effort from you, and in fact in spite of you. The only conclusion for people to reach is that you have let your personal vendetta get in the way of your responsibilities to your town, and to your County. That is nothing to be proud of.

Enter the Backlash - The Journal, Town Dandy


  1. "And the funny thing is it's the crowd on heraldo who, not so long ago, was "balls to the wall" out to get Bonnie Neely."

    And it's even funnier(sadly in a way)that not so long ago you and your cohorts were balls to the wall backing her,and now for some reason you blame your political opponents for her serving for 24 years,as if you've had nada to do with that.And really,she's only done 2 things to really piss off those most offended by her now;1.Taken the stance she has on the balloon tract property;2.After being annointed as the chief attack dog on Gallegos after buffing Paul when he asked the board for help,she relented a bit on being that dog.
    My message to Virginia is to watch out,because your friends carry sharp knives,and if you begin to think for yourself and take a stance that they don't like,you know where those knives will end up if you turn around at the wrong time.What happened to Bonnie could happen to you.

  2. Nope. I was never backing her, mresquan. Don't make the mistake of lumping me in with any of her previous supporters, I was not there. But I worked with her close friend, who I adore, and who Salzman sought to destroy.

    And I saw her make a choice, in order to keep her position, to turn TO Salzman, despite what he had done to her friend, and more than that, to her husband.

    He used to refer sneeringly to Farmer as "Mr. Neely." And he'd call me up to tell me to tell Bonnie some nasty thing as if being Republican meant I had her in my rolodex and could call her in the middle of the might to deliver his messages. He never understood that. To this day Salzman fights the Terry Farmer bugaboo, read any thread on heraldo.

    There's a reason people have abandoned Bonnie - and it has nothing to do with long-knives. Some things, if you have to do them to keep your job, are not worth doing under any circumstances, and you have a life-changing choice to make. She made hers. That's my opinion.

  3. Pardon me for going off-thread here for a moment.

    I noticed that a link to my blog is no longer in your list of blogs.

    Just curious...why did you do that? Have I been that offensive?

  4. Dave - if your link dropped off it is probably just a mistake. From what I have read from Rose, she likes you although she does disagree with you.

  5. Make no mistake, the Pacific Legal Foundation has a very definite political agenda.

  6. And Baykeeper, EPIC, NEC, do not?

  7. Rose, Rob Arkley said last year that he was moving to Louisiana to avoid paying the high taxes here in California. He is not a citizen of Humboldt County. Unless he went back on his word?

    Arlkey is here only as a corporate person, not a real one.


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