Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why is this on Craig's List?

Grand Jury will indict two police commanders EURKEA CALIFORNIA - 2:32pm
EUREKA -- The criminal grand jury convened to look into the death of Cheri Lyn Moore will hand up indictments against former Eureka Police Chief David ... - Similar pages

And who put this on wikipedia?
Eureka, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A distraught mother, Cheri Moore, on the anniversary of her son's suicide, ... EPD responded to a local homeless shelter for a call of Cotton fighting other ...,_California - 173k - Cached - Similar pages


  1. I guess someone wants to get the word out?

    PVG's not too pleased with the lack of publicity outside of the county?

  2. Can't stand the progs12/16/2007 10:42 AM

    Because the hatred and loathing of the progressives knows no bounds. They will stop at nothing to spread their "message". I just can't for the life of me how their minds can be so screwed up as to actually actively subvert a process that keeps them alive and able to practice their evil ways.


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