Monday, December 31, 2007

More in the POT war

DEA Warning Pot Club Landlords of Possible Property Seizure

SACRAMENTO—The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is using a new tactic against Northern California medical marijuana dispensaries.

In recent weeks, DEA agents have sent letters to their landlords warning them of jail time, stiff fines and even forfeiture of their property if landlords allow tenants to peddle pot.

The letters have "definitely caused a panic," said Nathan Sands, a spokesman for the Compassionate Coalition, a medical marijuana education group.

Mercury News - December 15th, 2007 h/t: RS

Gold From Green In A Gray Area
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  1. has danco recieved a letter yet?

  2. Isn't there another way for the Feds to challenge state laws. If they can just send their armed goons out and arrest and imprison, why have 50 separate states? Why not just call it the Prison State of America? It makes some sort of sense in the context of globalization. China provides manufacturing, Africa, South America and the Middle East provides resources, Europe will supply high end manufactured goods and the Euro, Canada - drinking water, and the good old PSA will supply prison space and field corn.

  3. 1:15PM quit sniveling you piece of shit ! Are you worried ? You should be.

    ha ha

  4. theotherme.com12/31/2007 1:41 PM

    why would the feds do ANYTHING?what happened to states rights? states rights used to be a cornerstone of repubican ideals.....but again, they have abandoned most conservative ideals....

    caifornians passed a law, now the feds want to stomp on our right to establish state law.

    this coud set state will be able to ban abortion due to federal i think that fake conservatives care about core republican ideals?NO

  5. Hey, the feds can use my house aa a rendezvous point. I will put them up and feed'em breakfast to help clean this place up.


    A lifelong democrat!

  6. 1:57,
    democrats favor government regulation and invovement in every aspect of life. im not surprised that you are commited to hurting the local economy. you must be overjoyed to think that you could help put non-violent citizens in jail. what a patriot!!!!! we need more fascists like you!!!!

  7. Now isn't that reasonable dope head (ahem, I mean theotherme.) You dope growers are violent criminals. Hurting the economy? Oh that is creeps have been hurting the economy for years by keeping the illicit and making it hard or impossible for legal growth.

    And calling those who you disagree with fascist is just plain juvenile and pathetic you close minded little twerp.

    But, I repeat, hey feds, use my place as a rendevous point and I'll even make you breakfast if you clean this place out of dopeheads like theotherme.

  8. ummmm......dope growers are violent criminals? are you serious? growing a plant makes people violent? have you been watching govt propaganda movies again?

    and how have growers hurt the economy? you didnt make that clear...

    and how have growers made it impossible for legal growth? they bring in more money to the economy than any single industry...much of the local growth that has happened has been due to pot money....

    oh by the way, not every person who speaks in favor of legalization is a grower. most growers want it kept illegal.

  9. why is it that all of rose's followers want to hurt the economy, incarcerate non-violent offenders and increase the price of pot?

    i wonder if rose and her friends are in on the pot business and are trying to keep the price high....sure seems suspicious

  10. I'm pretty sure Rose stands on the side of outright legalization,which I'd agree with.Government should have no say in any regulation of this plant,unless the growing of it is causing environmental damage.

  11. Gee whiz theotherme...quit killing your brain cells and maybe you could figure this out.

    1) I know plenty of dopegrowers, in fact know them way too well and I say that they are dangerous BECAUSE THEY ARE.

    2) they hurt the economy because they are against any type of real growth in the econ. See it brings up the reasonable middle class which will eventually put them out of business.

    3) And you seem to forget you little pot head...selling dope is illegal whether or not you have a bogus 215 card. This is all bullshit really.

    4) And the higher priced your dope is, the happier I will be.

  12. Where have Jane and Heraldo been?

  13. "1) I know plenty of dopegrowers, in fact know them way too well and I say that they are dangerous BECAUSE THEY ARE."

    if you know dope growers, why dont you turn them in? you just blew your whole argument out of the water.....why would the feds need to have breakfast at your house in order to bust growers if you already know where they are?!?!?!?!?!

    and dont you all love how anonymous says that all growers are dangerous becuase SHE says so!!! wow, it MUST be true absurd, an anonymous person claiming to be the judge and the jury!!!

    "2) they hurt the economy because they are against any type of real growth in the econ. See it brings up the reasonable middle class which will eventually put them out of business."

    what growth have pot growers been agaisnt? please be specific....
    the growers that i know all frequent the new shopping centers, buy houses in the new housing tracts....the assumption that a healthy middle class would put pot dealers out of business is laughable. the middle class is by far the biggest consumers of prime humboldt weed. the lower class surely cant afford it, and the upper class prefers coke....

  14. "Where have Jane and Heraldo been?"

    Well Heraldo just updated that blog,so I guess near a computer.

  15. Reasonable middle class as opposed to an unreasonable middle class? That is slicing your class consciousness a little fine. You seem to be a little confused. Pot is the economy. A lot of businesses would fold without the money generated by pot. And the pot economy is local wich means the money it generates gets spent 27 times before leaving the area. That means that it generates sales tax 27 times. It is a local resource that isn't being stolen by some rich bastards from Houston, Texas. It isn't cheap Chinese made crap that destroyed the foundation of the US economy.

    People ought to learn the facts before they start distorting them.

  16. " a lot of businesses would fold without the money generated by pot"

    Too fucking bad, let them fold. The ecomomy would adjust.

    Since this is "watchpaul" ... a person like PVG's could not have been elected or re-elected without the illegal (CRIMINAL) drug money for his campaign! What about the businesses that don't have that pot $$$$ to carry them through and actually have to make a profit to pay the bills? What about the young person / couple that are trying to buy a house but the housing is soo inflated because of the dope economy? What about the the destruction of a generation ? And by that I mean those young people that get in on the easy money and will never want to work a regular job for regular wages again. How many local kids don't bother or even what to go to college because they can make more by growing dope (and work alot less).

    I hope the fed's start siezing dope houses and property like there is no tomorrow. I hope the IRS criminal division opens up an office in Eureka! I hope all the doper growers (and businesses that thrive off them) get what is coming to them ! Karma. Just look at what happened to a certain two "pot lawyers" !

    27 times the sales tax? Where do you pull that figure out. You pot growers act like lyou're some kind of hero because you spend money. You just parasites ! A pimple on the ass of society !

    Happy New year !

  17. "How many local kids don't bother or even want to go to college because they can make more money growing dope (and work alot less)."

    Probably the local kids that want to live and raise their families in the same area they grew up instead of facing a huge debt burden upon graduation for school loans and no prospects for local employment. What the hell is wrong with making more money and working a lot less. Why don't you just sell your kids into slavery. What the hell is wrong with you? College isn't everything. Some people aren't cut out for it.

  18. Ya might as well sign your name - pick one - Tom, Theo, othermer...

    God, how do you do it? It's like you're writing for a Saturday Night Live spoof of a cantankerous contrarian old coot....

  19. rose,
    accussing me of being other people gets old. thats the 3rd time this WEEK that youve tried to do that...

    the fact that you cant address the low wages in the area isnt my fault.

  20. rose,
    there are people in humboldt county with master's degrees making $13.00 an hour. the fact that you dont understand the local economy must be the reason you refuse to address it.....

    i agree with you. the fact that rose tried to dehumanize you brings sadness to me.........she cant take dissent, never could.

  21. Surreal. Happy New Year anyway otherme.

  22. happy new year to you too rose!!

    may the new year be prosperous for everyone....well, maybe not for paul gallegos. just kidding, i had to humor you.

    may the new year bring jobs. may the new year bring about wage increases. may the new year bring about new construction. may the new year bring about rehabilitation of older buildings. may the new year bring the north coast good fortune!!!!
    i hope it is prosperous for everyone, including the families that suppliment thier incomes with the cultivation of cannabis.....lets hope that members of our community dont have to be sent away from thier families for a victimless crime....lets work WITH our neighbors, not agasint them...

  23. LOL Thanks for the laugh. G'night.

  24. Oh those poor cannabis growers, just "supplementing" their income so they don't have to work for $13.00 an hour with their masters degree. Dear god I feel so sorry for them. It must be tough on them, deciding whether to drive the GMC diesel truck, the Chevy Tahoe, the Toyota pickup, or the volvo sedan when they drive to the post office to pick up their mail or to get a new accessory for their Harley. Or to decide if their fall back property will be in Costa Rica or Belize ? (I'd say go for Costa Rica since there are lots of folks from Humboldt that own property there and it would almost be like home).

    And then to have to worry about those pesky cops, DEA, Sheriffs, and drug task force fellows. After living the high life for a while the thought of a federal prison cell must keep them up at night! Worrying if their cellmate wants to do a little spooning after the lights go out! I feel so sorry for them. Not only do they have to worry about prison but they have to worry about paying a ton of money for some shister lawyer. Then the possibility of an IRS audit? It must be such a difficult life!

    I wish everyone a prosperous year too. Everyone except marijuana growers, meth dealers, a bunch of politicians, theotherme, mresquan, and tad. Did I leave out my noisey neighbor?

    And I wish the best things for those who have served, or are currently serving, their country at home and overseas. That includes those in the military, the Peace Corps, security contractors, or other do gooder type non profit service organizations.

    I hope I didn't offend too many people.

    Cheers & a Happy New Year


  25. No offense taken, Dufus.

  26. OK, Dufus.

  27. dufus,
    im sorry that you are jealous of the pot grower's ability to choose what vehicle they drive or where to own vacation property. maybe they need someone like you to decide for them!! lol lol lol

  28. jealousy of income is the overlying theme here......why is that?

  29. What can I expect from "theotherme"? You are missing the point or ignring it. Probably ignoring it.

    "Jealosy of income" ? Last night a TV news show said that despite her screw ups Britany Spears makes $700,00.00 per month. I was amazed, as I think she has no talent. Why am I not jealous of her income ?

    I read Rose's links to this. The Arcata Eye article really points out how the city of Arcata and the county of Humboldt have been corrupted by the marijuana money, not that I needed a reminder.

    Peace be with you "theohterme". I hope you get exactly what you deserve over the coming year.

    Dufus Rufus. You can call me Ray or you can call me Jay. The message is still the same.

  30. Could this be the reason why Ken Miller, and many others, attack the EPD every chance they get? Becasue EPD hasn't rolled over on the marijuana issue? Chief Douglas had a very strict/limited stance on 215. Could it be that PVG is "teaching EPD a lesson". After all PVG's support base is the local marijuana industry. PVG's "fundraisers" were at the Briceland grange? And the one at a Garberville restaurant (cecil's) at $99 per!). The one sponsered by Daizies? And I think there was one in Jacoby Creek.

    EPD has not caved in or been corrupted over the local marijuana industry. Could this all be over marijuana ? I think it could.

  31. Hey I saw Rodoni at the HempFest this year.Why his corrupting of pot money okay,explain the double standard,as many of his friends are pot defending attorneys.

  32. One can speculate furiously and only find the conspiracy that fits their personal bias. One could speculate that previous D.A.s were in the pocket of Maxxam/Hurwitz. What Marijuana issue? You don't mean the lawful marijuana industry. Marijuana is grown and sold, and provides work, and a functioning economy and taxes that provide for police departments, fire departments, and schools. Why can't you separate that from the issue of illicit, harmful drugs like crank. Why can't you deal with the issue of the EPD/Cheri Moore shooting separately . You have the "issues" so totally confused that you don't even make sense. So much hate is bottled up within you. It is little wonder that you cannot make a sane response.

  33. A sane response ?

    " marijuana is grown and sold, and provides work, and a functioning economy and taxes that provide for police departments, fire departments, and schools " This is sane ?

    by your account money from marijuana is the savior for the world, responsible for providing schools and the police.

    You dope growers really crack me up. Trying to justify the fact that you are just criminals, leaches, and as mentioned somewhere before "pimples on the ass of society". Next you'll claim pot growers are responsible for health care, hospitals, and you invented the internet.

    As far as hate ? I don't even hate you 10:20am. I don't like you but it's a long way to hate.

    Mresquan makes no sense. There was no mention of anything about Rodoni. And if there was it would be negative. He is and has been part of the problem for sure.

    Everytime I read in the paper about some dope grower getting arrested and his money taken it brings a smile to my face !

    Have a pleasant day. May 2008 bring you everything you deserve.

  34. Actually that statement about Rodoni is very interesting. Because it shows quite clearly that the opposition to Rodoni is because of the Palco issue, not the POT issue, Though Salzman will USE the pot growers to try to oust Rodoni, taking their money hand over fist - in fact, Rodoni has represented his district well, and has been the lone voice voting against CAMP, etc.

    The truth is, Rodoni is seen as an obstacle by Salzman in the never-ending effort to get PL. Even now that the company is in the throes of bankruptcy, the effort goes on. It must be a major source of revenue for Salzman, and he cannot afford having someone who thinks for himself on the Board of Supervisors.

    He has stopped at nothing, and will stop at nothing.

  35. Salzman sure is keeping under the radar these days. What will he do when PL is gone, bankrupt, and no longer an issue ? And when just the fed court rule on Gag's appeal or whatever it was he was in SF for?

    Rodoni has always voted against anything against marijuana. I guess you're right about representing his district well, since his district is the hotbed of marijuana growing and corruption.

  36. wealth envy is funny business....

    i agree with 10:20. these anti-business, religious freaks try to confuse the issue....i cant figure out if rose and her "friends" are confused about the issue, or if they are just full of hate toward thier fellow humans...


    "But it's not that easy to pin down Rodoni's politics. The supervisor has been the strongest voice on the board for the decriminalization of marijuana -- he has consistently voted against funding the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP), and he's currently carrying the torch for the liberal medical marijuana guidelines formulated by DA Paul Gallegos. When the county's Human Rights Commission asked the board to review the USA Patriot Act a few months ago, Rodoni leapt past his cautious colleagues to demand -- in so many words -- that the federal government keep its nose out of Humboldt County."

    rodoni has voted agasint CAMP funding since 1997.......

    do you have to distort the truth at every minute?

  38. What ? What ? theohterme you confuse me.

    On Rodoni I agree with you. I just don't see it as a good thing.

    And I'm sure the federal government is going to leave Humboldt to it's own because they're affraid Rodoni might "bitch slap" them ?

    I'll bet we're going to see more federal government intervention in 2008.

    happy new year !

  39. "Though Salzman will USE the pot growers to try to oust Rodoni, taking their money hand over fist - in fact, Rodoni has represented his district well, and has been the lone voice voting against CAMP, etc."

    But with the proliferation of pot grows everywhere outside of his district especially in Mckinleyville and Arcata's grow homes,he may be losing his pot growers influence in his district.The grow scene is much less exclusive to his district than it was during his first few terms.
    215 growers prefer to live in areas with more pot regulation.
    But I guess growing of it hasn't decreased per se in SoHum,but it's cash influence probably has.
    And I don't think that the pot issue will win it or lose it for him,as his opponents are concerned about other more important issues and his supporters like him because of his somewhat libertarian stances on most issues.
    All of this argument and confusion over a frickin plant.Unreal.

  40. Mesrquan you are such a dick. "unreal" man, it's just a plant man .....

    cocaine comes from a "frickin plant"

    heroin comes from a "frickin plant"

    and you are about as bright as a plant.

  41. And both should be legal,so you don't see the results and devastation like you see in Afghanistan.Legalize and watch the profits plummet.Why are you so intent on the drug industry being so profitable for those who contribute little to society?

  42. most of the people commenting here are so whacked out on prescription drugs or have thier noses so deep in a bible that they are SERIOUSLY confused about the "issue" here......

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. "and you are about as bright as a plant."

    Thank you!Plants are extraordinary,they adapt efficiently to virtually any environment and have amazing methods of both propagation and self suffiency which guarantees its survival in the areas most difficult for them to survive in.I could go on and on about how amazing Botany is.
    Due to their intelligence and adaptability,most variations of species will survive longer than you and I.
    And I sincerely thank you for that compliment.

  45. Jane Doe said she would be traveling to get a sun tan so I guess she is somewhere the sun is warm. Anyone know?

  46. mresquan half right again. Plants will adapt and change or fail if left alone. Unfortunetly when man interjects himself as all knowing,ala the ESA and enviromentaism run amuck {shams that put greedy corporations to shame}plants won't do well.

  47. ummmmmm...........the improvements that have happened in agriculture since ww2, man's "interjection" has allowed 6 billion people to be fed.........

  48. Improvements in farming , a double edged sword. The debt to service ratio has put most family farmers in cities. The gene pool has been reduced to almost gone. 4strains of corn ,only, feed the world. 4 main crops control most of the market driven economy. Niche farming is where most of us small fry's survive now. Add the freaks from PETA and the dumbed down citizens from public schools and working folks right along with plants don't seem to have a very bright future. God forbid I'm sounding a bit like one of heraldos nut jobs.

  49. I'm reading 'The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. It goes into detail about how food as a commodity has hurt the family farmer. The success of one family farmer - that of Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm is a real eye opener. The book is a page turner.


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