Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TPZ battle comes to an end w/updates

The Board of Supervisors has voted to drop the current TPZ proposals, and let the General Plan process proceed.

The "heraldo"/Lovelace camp is not happy.

The Morning News
ER Supervisors discontinue TPZ revisions discussions
TS Supervisors step back from TPZ revisions
EUREKA -- County staff's recommendation that the supervisors postpone action on timber production zone revisions pending a recommendation from the planning commission took a different route Tuesday when the board voted 4-1 to end consideration of the matter at the board level until the county's general plan update is complete....

Archived audio streaming of the meetings


  1. Look for there to be much gnashing of teeth over on Heraldo's blog.

  2. YOur comment is inspiration for the art added to the post.

  3. Rose,
    Check out Heraldo's whiny little announcement about the "deep pockets" with regards to HumCPR. LMAO, what about the deep pockets of the Humboldt Watershed Council?

    The deep pockets of the Humboldt Baykeepers?



    Dont they just HATE it when another group uses the same tactics, i.e. showing up at public meetings, putting ads in the paper, etc?


  4. Ken Miller/Lovelace/Greacen/King/ Graziani et all have met their worst nightmare. The real grassroots. Worse yet, an organized grassroots.

    The giant environmental grantmakers have had discussions about this and pondered what they can do to overcome it.

  5. What's wrong with you? Only greedy, eeevil, right wing corporations have deep pockets. George Soros and Warren Buffet are compassionate progressives.

  6. Just remember the eco=radicals and angry progs will never stop their onslought. They have lost nothing. Think about it. When they don't get their way ,what have they really lost? But when you or I get a use a right a freedom taken away or deminished we lose it for every.Our oh so liberal friends just start anew taking their inch or pound of flesh and setting sight on more. Always more,more, more! Remember that Woolley,Geist and Neeley only succumbed to your power. Don't forget their evil attack. Never let them forget it and use your awaken power to help those who have been on the battle front fighting for you for years. God Bless you all & keep the presure on because the whacko's will never quit.

  7. Did you see this from Bill Barnum on heraldo?

    Bill Barnum Says:
    December 11, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    Jill did not fold, she simply and confidently expressed her findings, after hours of study and research. Call it her epiphany.

    Why pick out Jill to blame anyway? Bonnie and Jimmy voted with Jill and Roger. Why, that’s a 4-1 vote, isn’t it?

    Perhaps the most astounding fact shared this afternoon was the discovery by local attorney Allison Jackson that staff had misrepresented the CEQA Guidelines in its latest staff report (which accompanied the staff’s changing of their entire approach to TPZ ordinance revisions, served 5 minutes before the Planning Commission hearing on 11/29). Allison discovered that the author of the staff report lopped off that part of the cited Guideline that negated the entire conclusion staff wanted to reach: that it could amend the TPZ zoning ordinances without complying with CEQA.

    Allison dramatically displayed a Power Point slide showing the staff report text side by side with the cited CEQA Guideline. Wow. Undeniable malfeasance.

    At the end of the cited paragraph in CEQA Guideline 15378, someone on staff placed a period where there is actually a comma, then omitted the next section which states directly that when amending zoning ordinances, staff must comply with CEQA.

    This style of “hide the ball” legal writing is echoed in staff’s unprecedented reading of Government Code sec 51104(h)(6). I note that although staff’s latest proposal still requires a finding of necessity before it will allow a TPZ owner a building permit, even Mark Lovelace is smart enough to know that is a loser.

    We will have to look into the authorship issue further. But I was heartened to see the BOS is finally calling staff on their “Trojan Horse” program.

    Sooner or later, everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.

  8. Amazing. Bill Barnum and Allison Jackson are awesome.

  9. Bill & Allison & all of CPR are awesome for sure. Planning & HWC & EPIC & NEC & BOS are the pits.

  10. I hate to make this suggestion but you should check out heraldo . someone just asked HWC the right questions.

  11. You mean this one?
    Anonymous Says:
    December 11, 2007 at 9:44 pm
    So Jane/since you say HWC is a non profit/ how about posting your meeting times & places&your board members & officers & your financials. Let’s see who you donor list is & Marks salary & expense reports/ That’s fair- right/ You’ve got nothing hide- right/ After all as you say Jane you work for the public good-right/ Doesn’t the public have the right to see if you are truely different/Just post it here on Heraldo and show everyone the real HWC

    Boy, those are all good - I can think of a few more - and I'd like to see the same info from "Baykeeper" and the "Alliance for oh-so-ethical-Business"

  12. Asking Jane is like asking a fence post. She's blog fodder.

  13. Question; To be tax exempt non profit what are the public information and participation requirements?

  14. Not sure of all the rules, but a 501(c)(3) is not supposed to engage in advocating for any candidate or initiative - that is why, for example, the so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business" while advocating for Paul, pretended they were not and avoided saying "Vote for Paul." They thought this would protect them, And it may have. But the true test is whether or not they provided "unambiguous support," which they clearly did in a multitude of forms, full page ads touting "Justice for All." listserves soliciting computers, cars, and phones for Gallegos' campaign, and much more.

    "Humboldt Watershed Council" could not resist getting in the game, and also ran TV ads with the "Fraud is not a Victimless crime" slogan as i "Recall."

    All designed to keep Gallegos in office and on that PL suit.

    Even in this current conflict people are struggling to understand what is wrong with Mark Lovelace. they thought he was different than he is. Why's he care about this? What's it got to do with him? They're figuring out on their own that "HWC" is not about Humboldt Watersheds, it is about Palco, Palco watersheds, Palco, Palco, Palco, the "Palco Pinata." Concern about TPZ landowners? Not even. It's concern over Palco's TPZ. People are wondering what the endgame is, and they are wondering why he is interested in pushing something that devalues TPZ land and they suspect it has something to do with wanting to acquire it. I never thought I would see the day.

  15. So what about open meeting requirements for non profit status?

  16. As far as questions go, I liked the one asked yesterday of the BOS about how much planning staff spent on general plan update so far. THIS will be interesting!

  17. Here's a question CPR needs to ask.when will Tom and Martha get their walking papers?

  18. One only needs to watch and listen to Larry Evans to know the heart and soul of the anti-TPZ movement. His desire to control every aspect of our lives is the heart beat of all his followers. The anti-everything movement is a social nightmare that has really just begun. All the awakened TPZ supporters must never again turn your backs on this mental illness.


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