Thursday, December 13, 2007

Question w/Update:

Is there a Defense Fund set up for Douglas and Zanotti?

City to assist with costs of former police chief's defense
Following closed session Thursday, the Eureka City Council announced its approval of up to $75,000 in defense costs for former Eureka Police Chief David Douglas...

...In addition to the appropriation of funds, a special fund is being established to aid in the payment of legal fees for Douglas’ defense. Donations can be sent to the city of Eureka.

Further update: Two funds being set up...
"...Chris Crawford said he and a group of citizens are in the process of creating a fundraising organization that will launch a public relations campaign in support of Douglas and Zanotti. Lots of people, Crawford said, don't support the indictments.

”It ain't just the cops,” Crawford said. “It's Joe and Jane Six Pack and a whole bunch of other people that are upset at this perversion of justice.”

The new organization, which Crawford said will launch its Web site -- -- shortly, aims to run some advertisements and hold some rallies to pledge support for the two officers. The organization will be fielding donations, Crawford said, and whatever is left over from the public relations campaign will be put toward the officers' legal defense fund.

Crawford was careful to say his organization is not endorsed by EPD nor the Eureka Police Foundation.

”We're just doing it because it's the right thing to do,” Crawford said.

The Eureka City Council also decided Thursday to form a fund to help with Douglas' legal bills, in addition to giving the former chief $75,000 from its general fund, with the option of contributing more down the road.

As the case moves toward trial, one thing is for sure: Many eyes will be watching.

”We're paying close attention,” Word said. “It's really concerning to chiefs across the state. We're certainly wishing the best for (Douglas) and Lt. Zanotti -- this is just unprecedented.”

How to contribute to city's defense fund for David Douglas:

Send checks made out to the City of Eureka, with David Douglas written in the “for” line, to City Hall, 531 K St., Eureka, CA 95502. Councilman Larry Glass said the checks would only be cashed if needed."
State police chiefs association president responds to indictments


  1. What a geat reason to have a huge fund raiser. Lets brain storm.

  2. Let's not all rush to put our money where our mouth is.... lol

  3. Miss set it up, or have some oversight.....put Wollf down for a $100.

    Sresquan, I'll send you $20 if you pony up $5.


  4. Count me in for 100$ too.

  5. Folks, your city tax money already pays for the legal defense. The city pays the police officers 'union' for just this kind of thing. So, frankly you're giving money that already exists for just this sort of thing. It would help in a public relations sense, but likely these costs are going to be in the 200k-1mil range. $100 bucks ain't gonna cut it.

  6. Wrong on a couple points 11:04 pm. The officers themselves pay for the PORAC lega defense fund. And it probably would cost several hundred K .... IF it actually went all the way to trial. My money is on a dismissal due to some shady crap PVG pulled !

    And the $100 here and there could be used to start another Recall effort. Paulie Nifong (Paulie the plagarizer) has got to go. He is not an honorable man and he contiually abuses the power given to him by the voters.

  7. Hey I'd pitch in for the recall just to vote against it again.I made sure that the Elections U.S.A.signature gatherer got his little stipend the first time.
    I have a noble idea,why not just oust him at the polls by running a decent candidate?

  8. mresquan,every time I have you figured out as a nut who has gotten as low as possible,up you come and prove again that there is simply no bottom to your stupid ass. You make a sack of hammers seem urbane and erudite.

  9. ditto 9:21 PM DITTO


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