Monday, December 17, 2007

Followup article on TPZ in ER

Timberland use ordinance forced back to square one
A county land-use ordinance that could have been in place 30 days after its passage is now, in effect, in pieces and back to the drawing — and planning — board.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors last Tuesday voted 4-1 to discontinue timberland production zone ordinance discussions and to put the proposed TPZ revisions back into various county committee and commission deliberations about the Humboldt County General Plan Update.
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  1. Three things struck me in the article. One was how typical it is of the elected to jump half cocked into a situation that impacts everyone without having a full understanding. Second is that there is never a direct apology for all the mis-direction,aguish,and loss of productivity.{that of course is a concept alien to government}. THe elected will always pass the blame on to someone else. Thirdly is the superiority of the Planner. Caught red handed manipulating information there is no apology, no embarrassment,no accountability, just the matter of fact I know best what is good for private sector or the public sector. Again alien to government is the concept that we are one society that can make decisions. They just may not be lock step with the new planning vision of an elite few. The planners and the elected may just have a new vision. People are damn tired of all their B.S.

  2. Hey Rose: you should check out Heraldo on this. First he calls artist Lee Ulancey a "developer" and when called on it forgets that he put the term in his headline and says that he never called him a developer.

    Then Jane Doe starts ranting that what the county did was clearly ok with CEQA, but when called on it, she starts misquoting the statute and playing like a lawyer interpreting CEQA. Problem is she keeps getting called on her stupidity and then back pedals and gives new excuses. It is soooo funny.

    Hey Jane and Heraldo - come on over here for a debate on the real issues. Bet you are too chicken.

  3. "he" might, but "she" won't.

    But here's my question for "Jane Doe" -

    Last time I looked, Ken Miller’s attempt at lawyering didn’t get very far. Didn’t even get to court. But, now it’s failure is being appealed. It’s kinda like that, Jane. I don’t know why your arguments have such a similar feel to them. But they definitely do.

    Now you’re reduced to the definition of what “is” is - or “and” is.

    But the bigger question is why “Jane” “heraldo” et all aren’t defending the rights of property owners… why you’re so willing to let them be harmed, let them become collateral damage in the Palco war.

    How did a good and decent man like Lee Ulansey become a “heraldo” target? Since when did “heraldo” become offended by ads in the paper?

  4. My favorite line of all time: "Jane you ignorant slut!"

    Dan Aykroyd: Hello, I'm Dan Aykroyd, station manager for Weekend Update. Last night, President Carter announced that the United States and Red China have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations starting January 1st. That will be the topic of tonight's Point-Counterpoint with Jane taking the pro-relations point and I will take the anti-relations counterpoint.

    Jane Curtin: Dan, only a reactionary ass such as yourself could oppose full diplomatic relations with China. As President Carter said, it is a simple recognition of reality. How can we ignore eight hundred million people? But, then again, I guess it's your habit to ignore reality. You're a paranoid schizophrenic, Dan, whose politics are obviously born out of some buried infantile trauma. You hide from reality, constructing a hostile world to justify your own incapacity for love and compassion. Go ahead, Dan, live in your dark, lonely world. The rest of us will extend our hands in friendship to eight hundred million human beings, saying, "Hi! You do exist. Let's be friends."

    Dan Aykroyd: Jane, you ignorant slut. My personality profile is not at issue here, any more than is your inability to achieve orgasm. The issue is Taiwan. How can we expect to have the confidence of any free nation when we stab one of our most faithful allies in the back. I suppose you'd like to conduct our foreign policy the way you conduct your private life, hopping from bed to bed with anyone that can do you some good. Then what do you have? An old, dried-out scuzz that no decent man would be seen with. Is that what you want for America? It's too late for you, Jane, but our country still has some dignity left, you hose

    Guess things haven't changed all that much.

  5. 11:03 - LOL actually ROTFLMAO!

    But back to Jane and Heraldo -

    Rose, the TPZ issue is dead right now. It is back in the general plan update, the way it should have always been and is now subject to the CEQA process. CEQA always applies to zoning amendments and Heraldo and Jane Doe’s attempts to try and argue otherwise fail big because they are just so wrong. As pointed out, even planning staff didn’t try to argue any exemptions applied. They simply omitted language to make it seem that this was not a project subject to CEQA. However, CEQA is pretty clear that a zoning amendment is a project and so is an general plan amendment (which this dead zoning amendment would have required.) When caught, they dropped the matter like a hot potato.

    I find it amusing that Heraldo and Jane Does would try to argue that increasing the ability to cut trees does not present a “fair argument” that significant impacts might directly result from or have foreseeable indirect impacts from this failed attempt at a zoning amendment. They evidently didn’t read the proposed ordinance, because it clearly states on the face of it that this is an ordinance to increase the ability to log on over ONE MILLION ACRES in Humboldt County. Last time I checked, Heraldo and their gang have been arguing a lot about cutting trees is BAAD for the environment and ONE MILLION ACRES is not a drop in the bucket.

    Just because Heraldo and Jane Doe see housing as worse than the ability to cut trees doesn’t mean that there isn ‘t a fair argument to be made on the topic. And that is the test Heraldo and Jane, it’s a fair argument test and not a “Heraldo and Jane disagrees with it” test.

    But this TPZ issue is really dead and gone. It will never get out of the general plan update process because there simply is no political will that it go through any longer. It will not get out of the planning commission and no longer has the will of “3" on the board. Do the math.

    I want to thank both Heraldo and Jane Doe for being so close-minded on defending this fiasco. Their limited exercise in reading and understanding CEQA speaks volumes for their failed position. I am waiting to see if and when Heraldo and Jane either to go “on the record” with their real names or are outed after arguing such a silly interpretations of CEQA. This could really end up totally marginalizing them if they really are part of any type of so called “environmental” group.

    As for me, I will continue to take the defensible approach. The failed TPZ ordinance is subject to CEQA and rightly so. CEQA makes sure that any Project is subject to discussion of the pro’s and con’s and this is a very good thing for everyone. It’s a process thing.


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