Monday, December 24, 2007

Charges send 'shock waves' across police profession

State police chiefs association president responds to indictments

Charges send 'shock waves' across police profession

As the president of the California Police Chiefs Association, Richard Word hears lots of things from around the state.

But, Word said he's never heard of commanding officers being criminally charged for the decisions they make, like the case just getting underway here with former Eureka Police Chief David Douglas and Eureka Police Lt. Tony Zanotti, who are facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

Police departments and chiefs throughout the state have taken notice, and will follow the case against Douglas and Zanotti closely, he said.

”This has really sent shock waves throughout departments in the state,” Word said. “We're shocked. The e-mails are flying.”

The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office officially announced Dec. 10 the criminal grand jury convened to look into the 2006 shooting death of Cheri Lyn Moore indicted Douglas and Zanotti on involuntary manslaughter charges for their decision making roles in the incident.

April 27, 2006 SCENES FROM A SHOOTING - friends, bystanders, activists, police and the death of Cheri Moore
September 21. 2006 CAUSE OF DEATH - Questions answered and questions raised in the Cheri Lynn Moore inquest

Immediate aftermath:
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The Inquest:
ER Police chief said he stands by his officers' actions in shooting 7/21/2006
ER Coroner's inquest into police-involved shooting rescheduled 7/24/2006
ER Inquest should include still photos 8/30/2006
ER Coroner's inquest into death of Cheri Moore will start today 9/12/2006
TS Inquest testimony begins today - 11 jurors sworn in for rare court proceeding 09/12/2006
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And then the tortuous delay fraught with threats - Rumors, Leaks, and the path leading to a Grand Jury Indictment:
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The indictments:
TS Police Chief hopes grand jury proceedings are made public 11/08/2007
TS Grand Jury will indict two police commanders, says source (with archived video) 12/05/2007
TS Untested waters: Case against police commanders likely to hinge on 'criminal negligence,' expert says 12/06/2007
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ER Ltr “Dear Chief Garr Nielsen and the EPD,


  1. Once again the state legal community has it's eyes on Humboldt County!

    The ill advised, failed PALCO suit

    The DA's failed persecution of Debi August for being a preceived enemy of PVG.

    And now this mess.

    Inept, crazy, or just plain corrupt. This kind of "stuff" has got to stop.

  2. Well, if you read the comments attached to the T/S article, it appears that this community is all in favor of this "stuff". This stuff has gotten PVG elected twice, three times if you count the recall. So those with eyes on Humboldt are seeing us as we are.

  3. 11:16 AM: "... it appears that this community is all in favor of this "stuff"."

    You hit the nail on the head. The inmates are definitely in charge of the institution.

  4. Merry Christmas Rose

    I appreciate the research and effort you put into your truly informative blog.

  5. I second that. Merry Christmas, Rose. You've got a fine blog, one of the best in Humboldt County for real information.

  6. Thanks, you guys. It means alot.

  7. Well I disagree with many of your dissertations, but I do enjoy the blog and the forum that you provide,so a big thanks for that.And I do embrace the peaceful banter which sometimes exists between us.It's a good thing.

  8. It is a good thing. Merry Christmas, mresquan - and a Happy New Year to come.

  9. Mresquan (Mark) is still an A&^% A*&^H&^%#.

  10. Merry merry merry happy happy happy joy joy joy

  11. Here's a thought for New Year's: maybe Gallegos will go the way of Nifong this year.

  12. PVG won't get Nifonged unless he really played games with the GJ by way of concealing exculpatory evidence. Waiting for transcripts.

  13. And who's to say he didn't? PVG is not an honorable man.

    He was a slimey defense attorney before he was elected DA.

    His friends and associates were (are) slimey defense attorneys and criminals. Do you think winning an election changes his character?

    Just becasue he's the DA now makes him no less slimey. He got in trouble for his antics defending prisoners at Pelican Bay.

    He claims he took a paycut to be DA but that's a lie.

    He also said that his roll models were Hallinan (former SF DA) and Norm Vroman (Mendocino DA that died of a heart attack right before the cops served a Search Warrant on his house).

    PVG "handpicked" Tim Stoen ! Come on now ! PVG hired, upped his salary to top step and let him run amuck dismissing and pleding out cases to zip! never won a jury trial as a prosecutro. NEVER ! And PVG allowed him to continue on. Failure to supervise.

    I have no personal knowledge of what is on the grand jury transcripts, PVG didn't leak anything to me. I would bet PVG concealed or at least failed to put on obvious exculpatory evidence. And that is how he got the indictment. Carnack predicts at least one of the grand jury members will come forward and be "mad as hell" when they find out they were used. Just my personal opinion.

    Isn't leaking Grand Jury information a crime ? Wonder what PVG is going to do about that crime?

  14. Nailing Nifong took a state coming forward under oath (and probably under pressure from other law enforcement types who knew the truth) to say that Nifong asked him to conceal exculpatory evidence. There was no way to conceal evidence in the Moore case, it was all in the news and in the Coroner's report. So the only issue will be what the transcripts show, and whether he concealed obviously exculpatory evidence. Have no fear, if he did
    Bragg & Co. will get it out there. But it's unlikely anything he did will rise (or sink) to the Nifong level, because this case will not
    depend on physical evidence, but rather on state of mind and mental processes. It will be very interesting to see what PVG put in
    on that issue, and what he argued to the grand jury based on what he put in/left out.
    And when will transcripts of the
    great PL arguments be available to the public? Should be good for a laugh.


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