Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Catching up

Ten years later, suspect in Eureka murder faces trial
A preliminary hearing took place at the Humboldt County Courthouse Tuesday for Yohan Jose Lopez, who has been suspected of murder since 1998.

The hearing was held to determine if there is probable cause, which is enough evidence to warrant a trial by jury. Judge J. Michael Watson presided over the hearing.

Lopez is charged for the murder of 18-year-old Eureka resident Ryan Mathew Dunn. The victim was shot in front of Figueiredo’s Video store on West Harris Street on Jan. 4, 1998.

At the hearing, prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Allan Dollison presented a key witness, Yurok Tribal Police Chief David Parris....

Arcata resident charged in alleged homicide of nephew
Baum charged with involuntary manslaughter
Teen arrested in connection to homeless beating
Former Arcata restaurant owner sentenced to prison
Arcata woman sentenced to prison for identity theft scheme

McKinleyville resident Christina Kyeonghee Kim was sentenced Monday to four-and-one-half years in prison for an identity theft scheme that defrauded victims of more than $1.1 million over seven years, announced United States attorney Scott N. Schools in a news release.

Kim pleaded guilty to 47 counts of bank fraud and one count of mail fraud in March 2007. Attorney Stacey Luck from the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, prosecuted the case. Assistant U.S. attorney Stacey Geis from the Northern California District assisted on the case....


  1. And why does this case get a public airing, in the form of
    a preliminary hearing, while
    the Cheri Moore case went to a secret grand jury, the public and the officers in question excluded, questions asked and evidence presented only by the prosecutor?
    A grand jury is a legal proceeding, but a comparatively rare vehicle for obtaining indictments, as the daily
    business of the courthouse shows.

  2. as for this case, set your watches for the time it takes to plea bargain this away.

  3. Well Allison Jackson ought to know about offering plea bargains to Yohan Lopez.

    More to follow.......

  4. oh god - richard is back.

  5. Is this what you are talking about?

    I think not. Note the character that Al Pacino plays...

  6. I don't think so...I am talking about the guy that blogs and writes letters to the editor under his dog's name.


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