Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Editorial: Political bomb ticks on . . .

TS It was hard to know whether to laugh or cry when word came on Monday that the Eureka Police Department was ready to give the district attorney its investigation report on the Rob Arkley-Larry Glass “incident.”

With great anticipation, we looked forward to learning the truth about what happened on Sept. 5 when Eureka City Council member Larry Glass met local mogul Rob Arkley at a reception at Avalon restaurant. Glass charged that Arkley shoved him, said he was having him followed, and threatened to destroy him if Glass voted against his Marina Center project. Arkley's spokespersons have said there was no physical contact or surveillance -- that Arkley was angry over the councilman's attacks on his family. Since there were dozens of potential witnesses at the Avalon, no doubt the police report clarifies who was telling the truth.

But depression set in when District Attorney Paul Gallegos said he would send the report immediately to the state attorney general. Not because he couldn't be fair to both parties, he said, but there was an appearance of conflict because Arkley once contributed to his campaign.

Our tears are because we doubt Attorney General Jerry Brown will want to catch this hot potato.

He has his eye on the governor's seat and is looking for bigger fish to fry . . . er, prosecute. Besides, in responding earlier to Humboldt County Democrats' plea that his office take the case, a Brown assistant wrote that “a mere appearance of conflict is insufficient to warrant recusal.”

So the state seems primed to say “no thanks” and toss it back to Gallegos, the gentleman who -- 560 days and counting after the officer-involved killing of the mentally ill Cheri Lyn Moore -- apparently has decided to let a criminal grand jury make the politically volatile prosecution decision for him. The Arkley-Glass case is a ticking bomb, too. The mind reels in contemplating another 2 1/2-year wait.

So to Mr. Brown or Mr. Gallegos: Please have pity on a poor, suffering community, not to mention the parties involved in the case. Whichever of you gets this case when you're done playing musical chairs, don't drag it out. Tell us if a crime was committed or not.
Editorial: Political bomb ticks on . . .

It's not just a hot potato, this is silly putty. This is Gak.

More: Glass-Arkley investigation headed to DA
Gallegos said his office would not review the report.
Attorney General's Office to get Arkley-Glass report
Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said his office received the EPD report on Wednesday and he estimated it would be sent to the AGO either Wednesday or today, but no later.

Gallegos has previously told this newspaper that he considers Arkley a friend and that Arkley contributed to one of his political campaigns.

In explaining his reasoning for sending the report to the AGO, Gallegos said, “While I believe I can make a fair and impartial decision, I believe that, due to my relationship with both the parties and some of the anticipated witnesses, it is impossible to do so without creating the appearance of an impropriety.

“If the Attorney General’s Office decides not to accept the case, I will review it and make a decision. However, until such an occurrence takes place, I will withhold reviewing any material that is forwarded to us and making a decision regarding the possibility of any criminal charges being filed.”


Besides the fact that that is a pretty coherent response so I have to wonder who wrote it for him - I still want to know why swooping up nine felonies and dismissing them in a single day for the son of some of his biggest donors wasn't a case of "creating the appearance of impropriety."


  1. Paul may use it as a re-election tool.

  2. What did the TS expect? They endorsed the idiot last election even with his abysmal record of incompetence. They are surprised that he can’t make a decision in the Moore matter. Really? They are surprised he wants semi-automatic weapons for his subpoena serving investigators so they can play like they are a SWAT team (led by a traffic cop btw) Really? They are surprised that he refuses to make a decision in the Arkley-Glass soap-opera. Really?

    Well at least it now looks like they are realizing their earlier mistake. Unfortunately, the county will pay for 3 more years unless the guy self implodes or is convicted of something.

  3. He'll win again,his opposition probably couldn't sit down in a room for more than five minutes together.Just as many lefties wouldn't mind seeing him go as there are righties,unfortunately us on the left tend to be viewed as anti-everything,Salzman orks.Who would want to sit through that?

  4. Yeah Mark, and you all group any righties as corporate palco pigs. I get it.

    But I disagree with you. I am thinking that he will be out on his ear before the next election. If not, he will lose to anyone who runs.

  5. I have never thought of you as one of the Orks, Mark. You ask questions, and you think, and you are able to see.

  6. He will run and win. Who wants the job? He ran all the competent prosecutors out of the county, there's no one positioning for a run, there's no groundswell for any other candidate. He has tons of "progressive" money, dope money and defense lawyer money behind him. Humboldt has established its credentials as a profoundly disfunctional, anti-law enforcement, economically shattered county. Enjoy.

  7. So do you consider Rodoni's dope money "progressive"? That's what I'm getting at,one side closes there eyes when one of their own receives the same benefits.

    "economically shattered county."

    And when folks take a stand against horrid plans such as Home Depot,excessive retail development, or unrestricted logging which eventually destroy economic vitality,they are tarred and feathered.

  8. Mark - you just don’t get it do you?

    If Rodoni takes dope money then he should step down as a supervisor. That the dopers support him by voting is one thing. But accepting money is quite another.

    You said: “And when folks take a stand against horrid plans such as Home Depot,excessive retail development, or unrestricted logging which eventually destroy economic vitality,they are tarred and feathered”

    Again - no. First, many (including myself) do not think Home Depot is horrid. What other excessive retail development are you referring to? I know of none and again think that one Home Depot isn’t excessive (nor do I think Costco is, or Target or Sears or Gottschalks!

    And where do you get off saying that many of us are for unrestricted logging? I know of NOBODY who is for that. The people who are tarred and feathered are against any and all change whatsoever. No logging. No stores. No change. Keep us in the dark so that the pot growers can reign supreme. Well no thank you.

  9. Me...i just pray for BIG hungry sharks on surf mornings.

  10. EVERYONE IS WRONG!!! He will run for a Superior Court Judge position and he WILL win with all the dope money behind him.

  11. PVG as judge will indeed be the jewel in the crown of Humboldt mediocrity.

  12. No - he has lost most of his prog support with his incompetence, the Cheri Moore fiasco, the Arkley Glass fiasco, the plagiarism, etc.etc.

  13. I cannot imagine the voters voting a plagiarist into a judgeship.

    And it is not just the plagiarism, it is the pervading ongoing dishonesty of this one man.

    He does not belong in charge of the DA's Office and he certainly has no place deciding anyone's fate.

  14. Whistle in the dark if it makes you feel better, but PVG will
    be on the bench or in the corner office, whichever he chooses to run for. After all, the Times Standard said "he's one of us" and for once, that paper was correct.
    What was it Pogo said?

  15. you are sooo funny. that guy can no longer get elected dog catcher. Sure he sees himself probably headed to Sacramento, but that is his delusion

  16. Ok, who's going to be DA? Who's going to beat him for that office?
    Who's going to be judge?
    Who's got the money to run against him and his media manipulators?
    Who would trust their time, fortune and reputation to the voters of Humboldt who so thoroughly ignored the facts last time?

  17. It's a good question. Pre-Salzman, a big race here was 30 Grand. Now, you will need 300.

    Used to be fair races, now you have the smear machine, and it has worked overtime, and will again, no doubt, to protect their precious Paul.

    If you are a lifelong Democrat, do not expect any help or support from the Democratic Central Committee. Instead you will be labeled a "Republican stalking horse" and treated like dirt.

    If you are a hard worker, committed to your job and capable, they will hate you, you are an anathema.

    They will pull every filthy trick that you could never even imagine.

    But, what choice do you have?

    I have heard a few names bandied about. There is one who has been mentioned that I will not support, and if the time comes, I will say who and why.

  18. "I cannot imagine the voters voting a plagiarist into a judgeship."

    Probably won't matter,as his opponents in the past have had enough holes in them that they can't hold water.I don't see that changing until the hardcore anti-Paul crowd begins to mellow out on the lefties who wouldn't mind seeing him go.Paul holds enough clout with the status quo to remain in office.

  19. See, there you go. Both Dikeman and Farmer were better men and better prosecutors, but mresquatever perpetuates the myth that they were full of holes. In fact, both the Journal and the
    Eye riddled Gallegos, only the TS supported him, most people didn't vote, and he's still DA. So why in heaven's name would any responsible professional and parent of stature submit to the
    degradation of a campaign in Humboldt? For what? For the sake of this community? Oh please.

  20. Mark - if you really believe your 6:43 post then you have to get out more.


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