Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The AG's response

a 2 pg pdf file The Attorney General's response to the Humboldt Democratic Central Committee's request re: the Arkley/Glass "Incident at Avalon."


  1. Was the response something like ....

    Why don't you weenies wait until the investigation is completed before you start sniveling !

  2. yeah! It was just like that! How'f you know? Another of Gallergis' jump statrts to the media.,,,,,

  3. I predict larry will end up with some egg on his face.

  4. I'm sorry but ..... 546 DAYS ! Let's not let this issue fade away!

    Any news/speculation/rumor about DDA Arnold Klien and his Grand Jury whatever ?? Anyone?

    It's kind of a slow blog month. Humboldt Deputies shot and kill an armed dope grower yet Hearaldo never even comments? What is up with that? It must be true that he only hates EPD cops! (and why is that?) By the way this past week a Fish and Game warden shot and killed a dope grower in Butte County. It was the first time in the 80 or 90 year history of the DFG that a warden has killed anyone. The warden was writing the guy a ticket for an illegal fire and found out he had a warrant for selling meth in Hawaii. He too had a 12 gauge shotgun. He to is deceased.

    How about a public itinerary for the DA? He is a public servant.


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