Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm kind of in an "Atlas Shrugged" kind of mood

All this contentiousness, all this hatred and vitriol - and for what?

Rather than continue to be subjected to it, Rob Arkley should say, "Forget Marina Center. The Balloon Track is going to sit vacant for all eternity. I am not going to do a single thing to improve it, not mow one blade of grass, not pick up one piece of litter, not do one single thing to relieve the blight or remove the transients that populate it. This is what the people of Eureka want, this is what they shall have. More power to them."

Rather than continue to be subjected to it, Charles Hurwitz should say, "I am closing down Pacific Lumber Company. Permanently. I am not selling the land or the company, for another person does not need to suffer the things I have had to endure. It would not be fair to pass it on. Thus there will be no more logs, no more jobs for perpetuity. This is what you have asked for, and this is what you get, Humboldt County. More power to you."

Humboldt County is proving that it is happy with mediocrity - you need only look at Gallegos to see proof - and disdainful of success. Humboldt County spits on those who work long hard hours in its service, and on those who produce. Humboldt County embraces those who contribute nothing but divisive contentious and costly litigation, those who feed off the system and those who abuse all laws.

It's like a real-life version of Survivor - vote off all the guys who are more successful than you, stronger than you, the ones who build the shelters and catch the fish, and keep the fires going. But this is ain't a TV show with a safety net, with a return flight to a nice warm house and reality.


  1. Well in the cases of Arkley and Hurwitz,it's a return flight to very nice homes,for Hurwitz a nice taxpayer stolen home.
    Selling a Home Depot as the best thing for development for a community is the most mediocre proposal one could come up with.
    I agree with your post on Arkley actually.Him backing out will force us to come up with a much better,more achievable plan,one that I truly think can better the community.I'd like him to purchase it he so pleases,just listen to what critics of the proposal are saying,No Home Depot!!He has the community support to work with him to provide for a much,much better anchor,if that's what is needed.

  2. They're just the two most prominent examples - there are lots more examples, across the board.

    So, if you needed an anchor store for a development like Marina Center - who would you choose? Who would be an acceptable business? Big enough to be a draw, yet willing to come to this area, with its being borderline with respect to population - who would it be?

    We have certainly had many other "Big Boxes" here over the years - Wards, Penney's, Sears, PayLess, Longs, Pay N' Pak, these that are the current vogue will have their day, and when they are gone, a new hermit crab will fill the vacant building. Yet people scream as if they've never seen one before.

    Do you realize that if Pierson had expanded into other markets, and was successful, he could have been a "Home Depot" - would that make him evil?

    They're just men who take risks, make decisions, and their companies either serve a need or they don't. They grow because they do things right. Does that mean they do everything right? No. But for heraldo and his ilk to declare that the hangnail they have discovered makes the whole company bad is just idiotic and I am amazed they have gotten as much play out of such a stupid approach.

  3. Gee Whiz guys, I don't understand! If it's Arkley's property, he's the one putting up the money, he's the one taking the chance's / financial risk, (along with Home Depot) why should Heraldo and his ILK have ANY say in what stores go in there? Whatever stores go in there will be better than what's there now.

    Isn't this America? It is Arkely's property right?! He has made significant imporovements to the property already just from basic clean up?! And didn't he offer to buy it or give the City 2 million to buy it a few years ago AND was turned down? I must be missing something here ........... maybe the big H can explain it to me.

    Heraldo and his ilk are OK with 15-25% of the population of Humboldt County making a living off marijuana but Arkley is the antiChirst for wanting to put in a home deport, along with other stores ?! Would Heraldo and his crowd be happier with a Lowes ? I would, but then it's not my call.

    Would Heraldo and his crowd be happy if there was a Huge hydroponics grow store put in? But that would be competition for the other more than 1/2 dozen grow stores that have sprung up since the sup's and Gag's implemented their 215 guidelinges.

    And Mresquan you have not let me down, you are an idiot and you continue to prove it.

  4. How does Home Depot prove to be a step above "mediocrity"? Just because it's proposed address currently sits vacant? Putting up a fence would be considered a bold step in that scenario-

  5. Arkley is asking for a zoning change so that he can put something on the property which is currently not allowed. To get the zoning change, the City must find that the change would be in the public interest. By law, that makes it everybody's business.

  6. I recently made a comment on Fred's posting regarding "force in Humboldt County" the gist of which is that there is in effect no "private" property in Humboldt County. Arkley simply contracted for a lease (deed) to the balloon tract and will endure the unpleasant consequences of that decision as long as the current "progressive" (far leftist) political atmosphere prevails. The term "hell freezing over" comes to mind. Atlas Shrugged indeed!

  7. you"re goofy ... \

  8. anonymous, I'm sorry, but I must weigh in.

    I am goofy.
    Thank you for your time.

  9. The Real Anonymous10/22/2007 1:56 PM

    well I got to tell you all that because of this mediacraty I am leaving this county for good.

    Good luck to everyone.

  10. WTF is "mediacraty"?

  11. The Real Anonymous10/22/2007 3:34 PM

    LOL, oops sorry spelled it wrong. I meant to spell "mediocrity" (probably spelled wrong as well.)

  12. I'm sure you're to gone down the socialist path to understand but only Eureka has a public say in the ballon trac.

  13. robin shelley10/25/2007 5:59 PM

    I thought maybe "mediacraty" was a swipe at the news media... & I liked it!
    WTF is a "ballon trac"?

  14. Ahh, Robin - the Balloon Track - or Balloon Tract (that is also hotly debated :)) - is a piece of preoperty, formerly a turn around for the railroad, thus the "balloon" shape. The property is now owned by Rob Arkley who has proposed a new development, whcih would have Home Depot as an anchor store.

    One prominent local businessman, Pierson, owns a building supply store - a big one, and a successful one at that. But Home Depot is a threat, so he contributed lotsa money during the last election - and Rob Arkley is paying the price for seeing Salzman for what he is.... long story - I'll get you a link to some of the Balloon Track stories, I think hte best one is in the North Coast Journal - The Journal... it's definitely a big part of local politics right now, and for the foreseeable future.


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