Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Board hearing... w/update

The usual suspects Larry Evans, Scott Griecen, Jennifer Kalt, Jeny Card aka "Remedy" - the EPIC/treesit/Anti-Palco activists -

So far the Orwellian Award goes to Larry Evans - who complained that the Board would be hearing from a "vocal minority" with "vested interests"... He went on to pontificate that "if it wasn't for petulant frivolous lawsuits..." You have got to be kidding me! Uh, Larry, have ya looked in the mirror? Vested interests, Larry? Try the PEOPLE WHO OWN THE PROPERTY! Who do they think they are?

Hypocrisy reigns in Bizarro Humboldt County.
C A map depicts timber production zones throughout Humboldt County. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to have the county Planning Commission draft ordinances to address the county’s framework plan and local coastal plan within the context of TPZ regulations. Map courtesy of Humboldt County Planning Division

Supes defer TPZ ordinances to Planning Commission
After several hours of public testimony, Supervisor Jill Geist made a motion to defer the issue to the Humboldt County Planning Commission to draft two ordinances — one to address the county’s framework plan, and the other factoring in the local coastal plan, also suggesting a three-year conversion process be examined.

The framework plan is a component of the Humboldt County General Plan, and works to govern development as a whole in the county.

The motion passed 3-1, with Supervisor Roger Rodoni voting no. Supervisor Jimmy Smith excused himself from the vote, as he was not present for a portion of the meeting due to a prior obligation.

The ordinances will address single-family residential development on TPZ lands, while considering either the use of a conditional permit or a special permit process. They will be used to exam and address the issues of secondary units and uses, as well as establish criteria for permit approval.

The Planning Commission will consider development in at least two categories of TPZs, including industrial and non-industrial. Incentives and entitlements for TPZs will also be examined.

Throughout the county, approximately 990,000 acres fall into the category of privately owned timber land production zones — 660,000 of which are industrial timber land, 330,000 which are in large ranch lands, with the remaining portion of land totaling less than 40 acres. When including public TPZ land, this adds up to more than 1 million acres, Geist said.

Residents, property owners, foresters and timber representatives spoke to a host of issues, with the vast majority against the board’s previously adopted moratorium and initial proposal for an ordinance aimed to make residences on TPZ lands conditionally permitted.

ER Op-Ed Supervisors try a sneaky trick that steals from our neighbors 10/23/2007
...To listen to the county, this abrupt and rushed policy was intended to penalize only one landowner, as if that would excuse the supervisors’ behavior....
ER Op-Ed Save the redwoods by Brody Severe, Eugene, Ore., 10/20/200
ER Editorial Board of Supervisors should stand up for private-property rights
ER Editorial Board shows its myopic view of private property
TS Proposed TPZ revisions sent to Planning Commission
The prospect of property owners wanting to build a home on Timber Production Zoned land being required to acquire a conditional use permit brought out a full house of opponents at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting...
TS Proposal would give county discretion on timberland building
TS Anger still boils over timber ordinance


  1. Oh yes, Maxxam is the evil one that everyone must hate. Get out your torches and pitchforks, the developers are on the loose. Oh wait, Maxxam only wants to make and sell a few pieces of property for millionaires, but don't mention that. It's better for our cause if we just focus on the fact that they want to "develop" and rally all the ignorant lefties behind the anti-development cause.
    Never mind that this new development plan prohibits the development of suburbs (which most of you live in), and will only create a few nice spreads for a few very wealthy people. It's better if we can just focus on the real estate development part, and get people all worked up using the fear that Humboldt County will turn into the next San Francisco or Marin.
    Oh, let's not even mention that Maxxam wants to put old growth redwoods up for sale. That would be good news, and that's no good for your cause, is it?
    I think some of these people are just addicted to the conflict, and will latch onto anything if it provides a good excuse to crawl out of the woodwork, get all worked up, talk on the microphone, and stroke each others' egos.

  2. Don't forget the money - MAXXAM is the full employment act for these guys, it is the device theyuse in their ads and pleas for money. Ever think about what it has been worth? All these years? All the money paid to people like Michael Shellenberger? All the lawsuits? All the lawyers...

  3. All true. Worse yet is the bullet to the heart of personal freedom fired by the small minds on the county board of supervisors. EPIC,Earth First,Trees Foundation,Baykeeper,Board of Supervisors. You can't tell one socialist from another with out a score card.

  4. So how much money has the board put aside to pay for outside counsel to defend this? How long will it be until the first lawsuit is filed.

    I am ashamed of this board. And Jimmy Smith should resign for ducking out on this. Simply shameful.

  5. Shunka Wakan10/24/2007 7:15 PM

    Please, don't use "Earth First!" in the same sentence as the "Trees Foundation," unless you're talking about how the Trees Foundation ripped off Earth First!

  6. You're right Shunka. I should have been (more) clearer and not suggested they were from the same breath. They of course are all from the same fart. Shunka you seem like you have a bit of a brain so get a fucking job and become a productive part of society. You will feel better,see the trees better and will smell better.

  7. Shunka, I left you a comment here.

    And Earth First! - historically - IS in there with "EPIC" - though you are not part of that old Earth First! I would definitely still link them.

    EPIC, Earth First!, "Forest Ethics" - check 'em out at ActivistCash.com, Shunka - you'll be surprised just how much money flows. They could have given you the money Ms. Miller donated, and not even felt it.


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