Thursday, October 25, 2007

You just have to laugh

Only in Humboldt County would they make a federal case out of "the push" - but let the guys accused of tying a woman to a tree for three days and raping her cop a plea... Only in Humboldt County could the DA allow his office to swoop up and dismiss nine felonies in a single day for the son of one of his donors, and not consider that a conflict of interest, but then pull this... But what choice does Gallegos have? This is another instance where his handlers are calling for blood, and he can't deliver.


October 25, 2007

CONTACT: Assistant District Attorney, Wes Keat
PHONE: (707)268-2554


District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, made public his decision to forward the investigation into the allegations involving Robert Arkley and City Council member, Larry Glass to the California Attorney General’s office stating that “It is important that the Attorney General’s Office review the matter to determine whether the decision on whether to file criminal charges should be made by the Attorney’s General Office instead of ours.” He added further, “I was present that evening, was interviewed as a witness and have had or have a personal relationship with the involved parties and several witnesses. I have some concern that, even if I could decide the matter fairly and impartially without bias for or against any party, any decision I made would have an overwhelming appearance of an impropriety and have communicated that to the Attorney General’s Office. If the Attorney General’s Office determines that, despite the presence of these issues, it is appropriate for my office to decide this matter, I will review it for the possibility of filing criminal charges.”

In a criminal action, a defendant may move to recuse or disqualify the prosecutor on the ground of a conflict of interest that would make it unlikely that the defendant would receive a fair trial. This is done by showing circumstances that demonstrate a “reasonable possibility that the District Attorney’s Office may not exercise its discretionary function in an evenhanded manner”. The defendant must then show that the conflict is “so grave as to render fair treatment of the defendants in all stages of the criminal proceedings unlikely.” The conflict must be caused by factors extraneous to the prosecutor’s official duty. Although both actual and apparent conflicts can form the basis for recusing the prosecution, for a defense motion to recuse the prosecution to be granted, the likelihood that the defendant will not receive a fair trial must be real, not merely apparent.

Press: Gallegos forwards investigation report to attorney general


  1. What a loser...its like he is saying the "dog ate my homework." Sorry, he wasn't a witness and just knowing these people doesn't get him off of the hook from doing his job.

  2. He's a moral coward, amoung other things. Loser fits the bill too. How does corrupt sound? Is that in the ballpark?

  3. labeling someone who has WON two elections and survived a recall effort a loser seems quite ironic......
    jealousy and hatred cloud the mind

  4. You think Gallegos won those elections? Hah. In name only. Salzman won those elections for him, Shellenberger won those elections for him, and Sterling Nichols and her lying cohorts won that election for him, using Cheri Moore and the murder's mother sitting on the courthouse steps pulling her little propaganda stunts...

    Since the beginning, Salzman has had to bail paul out of jams time and time and time again, from Martinez-Hernandez to Debi August. He wasn't able to save him from the plagiarism revelations, and he hasn't really had much to say about all the subsequent scandals. Maybe he realizes it is a lost cause. Paul is having to answer the press in his own words, withoug the coaching and carefully crafted talking points, and you have begun to see the real Paul. The reporters now know that he lies to them. They may not realize yet the extent to which he has lied to them over the entire time, but they will.

    Jealousy and hatred have nothing to do with calling a spade a spade. 9:08 is absolutely right.

  5. And yet he is sure to get elected
    judge, or re elected as DA.

  6. No way in hell 8:20


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