Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Earth Firsters need socks!

Trespa-- I mean Tree-Sittin' is cold work. Doesn't even pay well enough to buy socks. Didn't EPIC win a big settlement? Maybe they have enough money outta that deal ta buy ya some socks, guys.

And what's this about a NCEF! teach-in for Americorp youth group? And what exactly is it you Coronado aficionados are teaching them?

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  1. The article that goes with this is posted in the watchpaul archives. Shunka and Spooner have posted comments there. I am copying those comments over here because this is where the discussion generally takes place, the other blog is merely an archive. Feel free to comment either place.

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    Jeff spooner@spoonerdirect.org said...
    It's not funny! We do need socks, but if you give them to Shunka, he'll probably return them to the store you purchased them at for cash...

    EPIC, Trees Foundation, etc. cannot support direct action, it is up to the community(as in YOU) to step up and help us. We do not recieve direct funding for treesitting...period. It would be legally challenging to this, and it is something we never expected from EPIC, Trees, even NCEF! Media.

    The issue is NCEF! Media presented themselves(sorry, himself) as support for direct action, in all aspects, not just including media. When you gave Shunka a donation at the co-op, he said it was for forest defenders. It NEVER was! Even his sad attempts at media outreach were not part of a group consensus. Therefore Shunka represented what Shunka wanted to represent, which to the community was frequently violent.

    Luckily, all of that seems to be over. Shunka should leave town now!

    Wed Oct 10, 02:10:00 PM 2007

    Shunka Wakan said...
    Oh yeah, I'd return the socks to the store, sure Jeff.
    I've sent lots of stuff out to the woods over the years, and an Earth First! office has always been a part of the overall campaign.
    Do I ask you how much donation money you put into your gas tank for purposes other than supply runs?
    I received a donation check for $400, for Nanning Creek; I made a photocopy of the check, took it to the bank, deposited it, waited for it to clear, withdrew the cash, and then handed it, along with the photocopy of the check, directly to tree-sitters. It's my understanding that they, in turn, handed some of the money to you; you're not in a tree, yet you accepted the money, even though you and your g/f should have your own sources of income.
    Within the next few days, one of those same tree-sitters was looking all over for a sleeping bag; now why is it, when $400 just came in, that a tree-sitter is looking all over town for a sleeping bag? Maybe because this person handed you the cash, so that you could fill your tank with gas and possibly your face with food?
    Jeff is a trash-talker of the worst kind, spewing his poisonous lies all over the internet, slandering people in public, all the while acting like Mr. Nice Guy to those who don't know his darker side.
    Wake up, Jeff!
    Who needs the feds with people like you around?

    P.S. You can stop acting like a cowboy any day now, by dropping the "get outta town" garbage. You're not going to run me out of town, and the more times you tell me to leave, the longer I'm going to stay.

    Wed Oct 24, 07:42:00 PM 2007

    Rose said...
    Shunka, though I laughed in the title of this post - I do not think any of this is funny.

    I do not think it is funny the way higher ups have used people - like you - for their own purposes. They have professed to care about the trees, but for them it is really about money and power.

    And publicity. Publicity brings in money, and gives them power.

    They took you guys in and used the treesits. They sent those kids in to have their eyes peppersprayed. KNOWING what would happen. Maybe prepping them, telling them how courageous a thing it was that they were doing - then they used them, used the footage, used the PR, and then the suit afterwards to garner a longer life from the incident.

    They use the Foundations to get money, they use lawsuits to get money, and they do not even have the courtesy and dignity to make sure that those who treesit have socks and sleeping bags.

    They talk to you about how bad "corporations" are, but if you take away the words, they are every bit as bad as everything they profess to be against.

    You have seen it. But do you SEE it?

    One of the people who fell for it all lost his life. But those who played the pied piper's tune now own Timber Land and plan to CUT THE TREES.

    Wed Oct 24, 09:13:00 PM 2007

  2. Incidentally, Shunka, you mention spreading poisonous lies all over the internet - that is EXACTLY what was done to Eric Schatz.

    Once it is done, then it is used as "evidence" to say that he is what they claim. Nothing is further from the truth. Now that you are feeling the thing used against you, do you understand that?

    Good old Jeny Card aka "Remedy." A poisonous snake if ever there was one.


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