Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The unending battle

Humboldt Watershed Council asks FPPC to investigate Herman

Alleging conflict of interest (nothing new if you have been reading heraldo's advance charge) Ken Miller's Humboldt Watershed Council officially asked the state Fair Political Practices Commission Monday to investigate Humboldt County Planning Commission chair Tom Herman.

The heart of the Humboldt County Watershed Council's allegations comes in Herman's present affiliations with the Pacific Lumber Co.

As a private attorney, according to the council, Herman represents the Scotia-based lumber company -- an issue that became a conflict following his 2002 appointment to the Humboldt County Planning Commission.

This goes back a lo-o-o-n-n-n-n-g way:
From:"Ken Miller" Add to Address Book
Subject:Re: Elation
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 13:43:16 -0800

From the Alliance for Ethical Business (AEB) List serve:
1. DA's office can fight meth and heroin and their related crimes including crooked cops. Crime prevention programs, in-patient rehab locally.
2. DA can exploit his national notoriety by recruiting seasoned as well as fresh bright younger prosecuters
3. Raise money to prosecute the PL case aggressively
4. Put forth an economic vision focusing on a diversified local and regional organic economy, including energy policy, LNG, appropriate Bay, airport, rail, etc development
5. Organize ourselves politically to accrue power, groom folks to run for offices. Database, outreach, etc.
6. Get rid of Tom Herman on the planning commission thanks to Rodoni, he has been central to all of PL's fraudulent activities and is therefore vulnerable to public outcry. This is a powerful position.

update: "Humboldt Watershed Council" goes for broke: Watershed Council asks for investigation into Palco connections

This time the target is Fortuna Mayor John Campbell and retirement pay he's collected -- and some that's still due -- from the Pacific Lumber Co.

The council sent the request for an investigation this week, alleging that Campbell hasn't properly disclosed the income, and may be improperly participating in discussions that could affect a development on Palco's old Fortuna mill site property.


  1. Actually, I am almost glad for this. Only because when the FPPC comes back with an ok, it will put this thing (hopefully) to an end. God these guys make me sick with their unending crusade of divisiveness.

  2. If Herman does have a conflict of interest, he should scrupulously recuse himself when the situation arises. He knows he has a target on his back, and presumably he is a man who would want to do the right thing irregardless. If the conflict is insurmountable, he should resign. It's simple.

    What makes this suspect is the longstanding activities of Ken Miller/Humboldt Watershed Council.

  3. Yes, when did Ken Miller recuse himself from the Palco suit which supposedly represented the people of Humboldt County? There was an obvious conflict of interest if there ever was one seeing how Ken Miller heads HWC, a known political opponent of Palco.

    Hypocrites abound in enviro and Prog leadership. Always has, always will, as long as we have activists confusing Leftist ideology for ecology.


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