Monday, October 15, 2007

God help us!

I thought I'd be through posting about Jeffrey "" Schwartz, and that he would quietly return to private life, but no such luck. He's decided to stay in the limelight and opine on the ridiculous "incident at Avalon." His theory seems to be that Arkley wasn't really threatening Glass, he was really threatening the entire City Council by threatening Glass (not allegedly threatening, mind you).

I really couldn't stand to read it all the way through, so if any of you can decipher it, let me know. I kinda had to skim down to where he says: "That's why we need to vet this with local jurors and locally elected judges who care about what the voting public thinks."

Uh, Jeff, judges aren't SUPPOSED to CARE what the voting public thinks. They're supposed to care about this little thing called THE LAW, NO MATTER WHAT the voting public thinks. Read Schwartz's "My Word"

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  1. What do you expect Rose??? Do you really think Hugo has clients backed up at the door? The loser is just bored and trying to get some free advertisement. How bad do you have to be to get drummed out of PVG's service ? PFB.


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