Thursday, October 25, 2007


Why is it that we are supposed to IGNORE the environmental degradation, destruction of property brought about by pot growers because POT is such a large source of money for the county, but we are NOT to ignore it in the case of the lumber companies who are also one of the largest sources of money for the county... should we not be throwing up obstructionist lawsuits and prosecutions of homesteader/pot growers.

Earth First!/Greg King lured impressionable young people to come in as cannon fodder to STOP THE CUTTING OF TREES, and one of them, David Chain, LOST HIS LIFE - then you have Greg King standing in front of the Board of Supervisors stating that he owns TPZ land AND HE PLANS TO CUT THE TREES.

Mark Lovelace/Greg King/Larry Evans stood up and said they wanted to see the lands stay as timber production - are they then willing to DROP all their obstructionist tactics and constant lawsuits? Are they willing to aid Palco, Green Diamond, Sierra Pacific. and all the others? To save the logging industry? God that's rich!

And why is Marjorie Burgess crowned mother-of-the-year for letting her son cut school. hang out in a house stoned out on meth, watching TV with his pregnant girlfriend, and excuse his threatening a policeman with a knife but Gallegos is rumored to plan to charge a woman whose kids are truant with a FELONY?
pdf doc
TS Mother arrested after children miss school
Truancy complaint leads to arrest
She needs the help that everyone proffered retroactively to Marjorie Burgess.

But six Mexican nationals with thousands of pot plants and prior records = misdemeanor disturbing the peace. (case number CR074966S)

Humboldt County justice under the schizophrenic DA's Office. Or as Richard Salzman would say "Justice for All."


  1. You People don't "understand ',"

    Pot is good",.sure sometimes 'the" White nonmexican grower'"s accidentally kill some people, but 'they're not to be held""acountable. Its'" the greedy meg"millions lumber companie's that are Bushhiter evil here. Sure",they feed families an support the community, BUT THEY'RE JUST IN TO MAKE A PROFIT!!

    David Chain did"nt have enough faith, and BESID":ES, he was killed by an Injured tree. And, I think he was White.

    ML,GK,and LE are GOOD peoples. GK has a perfect right to PRUNE his foliage. HE's Exempt! Because he cares more than you do.

    Palco, GD and SP are evil because they are in busuness to make a Profit""!! And lots of White guys work there that are just wai'ting for the chance to oppress a Cartel.
    I mean Mexican Immigrant.

    Mrjorie Burgess makes very good oatmeal cookies, I'm sure, and supported her ;"son when he was maybe the Victim! Haven't you heard of'Police Brutality" ,? It's a possibility.

    I dont" know for sure about the mom, but I"ll bet she was White! She then deserv'es a Felony conviction.

    And finally, how Dare you oppress the poor, downtrodden working migrant? Because he's Mexican? Sure, beat them all down. They"re just trying to feed their familias.,(tha'ts spanish).

    Leave them alone, evil white Bushitler warmongering Rascists.

    All done in fun, not really mresquan.....but thought I'd save him the trouble and protect him from possible carpal tunnel inflamation.

    Did I miss anything?


  3. Off topic, but did you read in the paper where Marjorie Burgess got popped for drunk driving the other day? It was a week or two ago in the drunk driving arrests in the Times- Standard.

  4. Not off topic at all.

    IF you are going to start charging people for thier kids not going to school, she'd be a top candidate. And catching something like this may save this new lady's kids lives, she definitely needs help from the looks of things. It's the inconsistency, the all over the map - weird charges - charges against Penny O'Gara, and against Sean Marsh, for example, but letting the Garza'x and Bowman's off... theere's no rhyme or reason.

  5. Yes,that's why the police acting so recklessly leading to the death of a 16 year old should be so acceptable.It's the way it goes,if your born into a bad situation and have a parent with problems,you deserve your fate,no questions asked.He deserved to die simply because his mother is an admitted fuck up.

  6. What is going on in your head Mark Konkler? The young man made a stupid choice to threaten an officer with a knife after a blow out with his probation officers and got killed over it. Happens every day when idiots turn weapons on cops (or anyone else for that matter.) I for one am glad that out of the two, the law abiding officer who protects my family and community was the one that survived.

  7. No, Mark, he got shot because he pulled a knife on a policeman. Period. Plain and simple. No question about it. If he had been in school where he was supposed to be, he would be alive. Period.

    But what I am talking about is ALL the people who moaned about all the services and assistance that should have been given to his disfunctional mother (realize he had been removed from her care) - all those people - where are they now in ADVANCE for this woman and her kids?

    But more than that - why can Gallegos go after someone so minor as her and let so many truly bad people go?

    Do you get that?

  8. I am So bummed out. I really", 'thought'' that I had covered ALL the possibilities. Nope.

    My hat is off to you, "real" mresq, I am truly impressed.

    Author looks for high cliff.......


  9. Mark, is that your real name? Doesn't really matter but, can you be so f'ing thick? The cops acting recklessly ? Give me a break. I guess we live in different worlds, I thought cops were supposed to go after, chase, and arrest criminals? Isn't that one of the things they get paid to do? And attacking your probation officer with a knife is a crime PERIOD.

    It really doesn't matter if you like cops or not, it's crazy to pull a knife on a cop. Crazy or the actions of someone wasted on drugs or suicidal.

  10. ummmm.....non-lethal incarceration is usually used by police departments... does the EPD ever just wound someone? or is death always involved?

    shoot to kill, less witnesses that way...

    you america hating, inbred hillbillies can hope for a police state, but the people will rise up to your barbaric ways..

  11. Non lethal incarceration would first require the person to be arrested or to submit the the arrest. How about that concept you retarded dope smoking pile of dog waste (3:48 pm)? And California calls for a person to submit to even a false arrest.

    If you have any familiarity with firearms, life, and the human body you would know what a joke how crazy that phrase "shoot to wound" is.

    How your type would freak out if the cops shot some guy in the knee or spine intentionally crippling them for life.

    And again the comments about EPD. Why is there no outrage wihen the Sheriff's shoot and kill someone?

    Crawl back under your slimy rock 3:48pm.

  12. Another great post. I just blogrolled you, too.

  13. 564 days ! Rumor is PVG has a courtroom, or room in the courthouse, reserved for a grand jury on the Moore shooting (564 days ago) for the 1st week in November 2007. This was kind of inevitable but.

    This goes along with the PL lawsuit and the BS charges against Debi August. PVG using his office to persecute his enemies (real or imagined) and the enemies of his supporters (Ken Miller et al). This has and will cause the county lots of money and resources htat could be used for other things. And in the end it will go nowhere also. It will probably drive more cops out of the area to more $$ and a community that supports them.

    In the end PVG will have used public funds to assist in the civil lawsuit against the City and the police deparment.

    It would be nice if PVG went after thieves, drug dealers (pot included), and other criminals with the same effort he goes after cops, businesses, and community leaders?.

    A special thanks to those that voted for Gallegos and his clan.

  14. An extra special thanks to the
    majority of voters who did not bother to vote. And so get the government they deserve.

  15. Just so you know,your competition deleted this. Greg King,saying he is for timber production because he owns his own TPZ kingdom is like Jimmy Swaggert saying he's for women's Lib because he hires hookers for blow jobs. Both are agenda driven sick little boys who get paid for their lies.

  16. 1:28 - right on for that comment. Heraldo deleted that. Wow, that is insightful.

    looks like you hit one on the head 1:28 if the deranged Mr. H is deleting that one.

    gets me to thinking..........

  17. Gag's has to go after this woman. It takes no work at all, I mean you just bring in the principal with the attendance sheets. Now putting six mexican nationals away for growing thousands of plants requires a lot of work. This is precisely why it was plea bargained to six disturbing the peace charges -

    What a loser this guy is and what losers are the few supporters he still has left.


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