Sunday, April 01, 2007

This may surprise you

Earth First! has a listserve, too, and Shunka Wakan sends out regular e-mails. They are very innocent compared to the virulent dedication of Salzman's AEB and its many aka's. There's an occasional plea for money for rent and stuff (Shunka sells Earth First! T-shirts on ebay, and doesn't like 'tabling' in the cold rainy winter weather), some of the others post their poetry. There's the occasional call for warm bodies at one protest or another. I've come to kinda like Shunka. May not agree with him, but he is honest in his dedication.

One of his more interesting series of posts included his emails to and from Gallegos regarding the David "Gypsy" Chain case, and he's been pretty vocal about his disillusionment with Paul. But he was tired of getting what he sees as the runaround. See, Shunka believed in Paul. But when he voiced his frustration one night on KMUD, people heard him. Gallegos was on KMUD the next day. When a woman called in and said, "Man, Paul, Shunka was on last night, and he's really unhappy with you..." Paul stumbled up a response. Something about talking to Shunka regularly.

But, anyway, this latest post from Shunka is really interesting. You know, there are a few things we can agree on:

"Ever wonder why Al Gore and others all suddenly (care) all about global warming?

Of course toxic pollution is bad for the environment; the point here is that the science behind global warming is just bad science. The threat of global warming is being used by corrupt politicians, such as Al Gore, to win over the progressive movement, and their ultimate solution will most likely be a new tax and more fascistic laws.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Al Gore is a real environmentalist, any more than Arnold Schwarzenegger; these are big-business men and politicians who are trying to make their way up the ladder/pyramid, and they know that real environmental awareness is growing amongst the people, so they are pretending to be enviros in order to win over that sector of society.

These are dangerous people, war-mongering types, so don't be fooled by their phony attempts at being environmentalists."

Forever Wild,
Shunka Wakan

Powerful Documentary Trounces Man-Made Warming Hoax
Climate change is natural and has been happening since the Earth began

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, March 9, 2007
An astounding documentary that was broadcast in the UK last night completely trounced the man-made explanation for global warming, not with emotionally- laden propaganda or by attacking the messenger as its adherants resort to, but by presenting carefully considered and rational science.
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  1. I know next to nothing about Shunka, but good to see at least one enviro that isn't a puppet.

  2. Actually there are many of us on the left who despise Al Gore and his attempt at making himself into a posterchild(or posteradult I guess)for environmentalism.I actually liked his movie,but saw his true intentions when he reflects on the 2000 election.Damn,just look at how he lives,the size of his home,his energy consumption,and how much fuel he is using doing stump speeches to sell his movie and his character.Al Gore learned a whole lot from Bill Clinton,and that's not a good thing at all.

  3. I have heard Shunka from time to time on KMUD. Is he still living in a tree?

  4. It was Shunka's birthday, April 1st:

    North Coast Earth First!
    Rent-time at the NCEF! Media office and Shunka's birthday
    Hello friends!
    I know some of you have requested that fundraising e- mails come near the first of the month, yet our times of greatest need are on the first of the month, when rent is due. Since it takes a few days for PayPal to process donations, or for the postal service to deliver mail, I'm sending this one out a bit early, hoping to make rent on time. Also, my birthday is on April 1st, so if you wanna help me have a stress-free birthday, what I would really love is to have the rent paid without having to struggle against the harsh weather at the table. Just a thought, maybe a wish....

    Rent-time at the NCEF! Media Center
    I normally set up a table in front of the local semi- organic supermarket to raise up the rent for our media center each month, yet it's been raining, sleeting, and the winds have been ripping through Humboldt County, CA, for some time now, making tabling almost impossible. Since we're not backed by the big banks, we depend on community support to keep going, and thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the cause. The rent here is $300/month, including utilities, and our phone/DSL is about $100/month, a pretty good deal for as nice as it is and in this modern economy where it's hard to rent a studio of any quality for less than $450-$600/month. It's a modest expense, especially compared to the amount of use that it gets, directly supporting the tree-sits by offering a news outlet, a place to check e-mail, make flyers, work on websites, print photos, etc. I'm still looking for alternate funding sources, although I refuse to apply to any foundations connected with big business and global government. We're not a 501(c)3, so we can't get funding from most sources, which is why I'm sending this e-mail, hoping that we can build up enough support to cover the basics, so that we can focus more on the higher work that needs to be done.

    Lastly, it's my birthday on April 1st (no foolin'), and all I really want for my birthday is to not have to table for the NCEF! Media office during this stormy weather that we're having. Your help can make that possible, and I would be eternally grateful to each and every one of you if I didn't have to table for this round of rent and bills. Just keepin' it real, just keepin' it real....

    As an alternative, you could also pick up a disc or two from www.flanrecords. org , another project of mine, which also helps to support the North Coast Earth First! Media Center.

    Give thanks for another year of survival on the Earth, and for the winds of change that are moving us from winter to summer. Each day is a blessing, and I give thanks for each and every one of you who have that Earth First! spark within.

    Make a one-time donation or sign up for automatic monthly donations
    We can always use dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate, etc, and you can send these kinds of donations to NCEF! Media...

    Forever Wild,

    Happy Birthday (belated), Shunka.

  5. Shunka lives under a rock, a slimey rock, with a Salamander for a girlfriend.

  6. 7:57 is obviously a Salzman clone. He can't be Salzman unless R.Trent was up all night. Go blog on Heraldo you creep.

  7. They eat their own. Shunka has committed the cardinal sin of pointing out that the Little Emperor has no clothes. If he's not careful he'll be called a right wing extremist Republican.

  8. Shunka Wakan10/19/2007 9:24 PM

    Thanks everyone!


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