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Richard keeps sending out his missives about the Klamath Dam Removal process.

And I keep thinking, "You stupid dumbass."

Back in 2002, Richard Salzman volunteered in two political campaigns - Paul Gallegos and Jill Geist.

Both took office in January of 2003.

Of the two candidates Salzman supported, one has proven to be an independent thinker, making decisions based on what is best for the people of the county, and one has proven to be "bought and paid for," one has chosen to deride and distance himself from the very agencies that are key to the successful operation of his department. The other has kept her campaign promises and understands her job, has proven her ability to work with the many county departments and state and county governmental agencies, and shown respect for the people as well as the process.

Richard Salzman has repeatedly had to cover for, and make excuses for Paul Gallegos, and chosen to attack all who he perceives to stand in his way, including County Supervisor Jill Geist.

BUT. the really funny thing is, Richard could have chosen differently. He could have chosen the candidate of which he could have been proud.

Jill Geist has been working on the Klamath Dam Removal. Which Richard Salzman purports to care about, as he exhorts his "listserve" followers to lobby their Congressmen, cheering for more predatory litigious action, and, now "Send money." (to him)

Apparently, poor Richard doesn't realize that there are Settlement Negotiations ongoing. There is no need for histrionics.

The quiet hard-working people are getting the job done - for the right reasons. And they're not asking for any money.

Guess he needs to make his new house payment.

(and he tries again - but why would you pay him for warmed over Times-Standard articles? Just google Maxxam, or Pacific Lumber yourself, or sign up for your own google alerts.)


  1. New house payment? You mean Dick has finally bought property in HC ?

  2. Let's see... One year from now, the candidates for local offices will be announcing themselves. RS will be saying after the losses of the progressives last time, ONLY he can get these candidates elected. The replacements for Chris Kerrigan, Roger Rodoni, etc. Yep, timing is everything.

  3. I would like to see a Chris Kerrigan blog? I think he's a sincere pissant punk, city council person or not.

    Does Chrissie have a real job yet ? Is he still a "political consultant" taking money from Bonnie and ????

  4. Well, we've started to see what "Progressive" values are (NOT) and what they have cost us. I'd say he'll have his work cut out for him, but I think people realize by now that Salzman's help comes with strings attached. So, anyone who accepts his help will have three strikes against them from the start.

  5. Absolutly !! He's been exposed for who he is.

  6. It didn't stop Glass from using him behind the scenes if I'm not mistaken. And I know for a fact he helped out behind the scenes for the last Gallegos run. Allison isn't that bright. I think that while we may know about RS and his strings, the general public doesn't have a clue. Therefore, unless he can be made the issue and have it overshadow the candidate, I don't think it will ultimately have any impact on a race.

  7. Well, any candidate considering signing on with him has to realize there are strings attached, and consequences for not adhering to his agenda.

  8. And my opinion of Larry Glass is altered forever because of his association with Dick.

  9. But do they care at the time what the strings are? Most times all they care about is getting elected, any potential strings can be dealt with later.

  10. I forgot that RS lost his place up in Trinidad and was now living down here. It must be rough living with the little people. Did he ever have to get a real job?

  11. One turned on RS,bid deal.Even Hitler was right about the French.


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