Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another one to watch...

Whaddya gonna do with this one?

ER - Man arrested for having sex with teen

A man was arrested Wednesday on multiple sexual charges after being found in a vehicle, allegedly engaged in sexual relations with a teen.

According to a news release from the Fortuna Police Department, at about 2 a.m. Wednesday, an officer located a suspicious vehicle parked in the 600 block of Third Street in Fortuna.

Upon investigating the suspicious vehicle, which was blacked out behind a business, the officer determined that Douglas Richard Collard II, 25, of Eureka, was having sexual relations with a 15-year-old female passenger, the FPD reported.

Upon further investigation, it was found that Collard and the teen met in person once, began a relationship over the Internet in a chat room and had been meeting during the past several months and having sexual relations, the FPD reported.

Collard was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on suspicion of lewd and lascivious acts with a child, oral copulation and sodomy, the FPD reported.

Collard remained behind bars late afternoon Wednesday on a $75,000 bail, a jail official reported.

The Fortuna police warned parents to watch their children’s Internet usage.

“The Internet can be a dangerous place for unsupervised kids to be roaming,” the FPD release stated. “Parents are also reminded that Fortuna has a curfew for kids: 10 p.m. for under 17 and 11 p.m. for kids who are 17 years old.”

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TS - Man allegedly caught having sex with minor


  1. If this guy got to this girl on the internet, why don't the Feds get involved. At least the guy will be held accountable for his crimes. My bet is that the DA won't even charge this man and if so, it will be some bogus thing he pleads to (or the case will be dismissed because no one will know.)

    Lets just see.

  2. It's a sad commentary on where we are at with the DA's office that we have to hope with each case that either the Feds or the AG will take over the case. Whenever the option to bypass the DA's office arises, it is taken, and swiftly.

    Both agencies that could help this girl and her family - CAST and Victim Witness - have been so utterly destroyed you have to wonder who will help her.

    To paraphrase Bill O'Reilly - "Who's looking out for her?"

  3. How many CAST case has yougo filed since becoming CAST prosecutor in July? How many interviews has he attended? How many cases has he rejected? What are the dispositions of the cases filed?
    CAST keeps monthy and annual cumulative stats and they are public documents.

  4. The Attorney General's office should be summoned immediately regarding the incompetent DA's dismantling of the CAST Office. It is an outright slap in the face to anyone in this County who is unfortunate enough to have their child become a victim of child abuse.

  5. No matter what stance Gallegos takes on this case, Rose will criticize him as making the wrong decision...

  6. Not true. Gallegos has a chance to redeem himself as he has had every single day since he was elected. He certainly was put on notice by the Grand Jury and during the last election about the damage he has done to the Child Abuse Services Team (CAST). It's been nine, almost 10 months - what has he done to fix it? Same with the Victim Witness Program, and what has he done to fix that? Both programs would - and SHOULD! - play a vital role in this case.

  7. Not at all!

  8. I heard that PG lost his misdomeanor domestiv violence case?

    Q. Has Jeffery Schwartz ever won a jury trial? Even as a defense attorney ? I also heard a rumor that he's only had maybe a dozen jury trials in 2 years. Wonder if he would care to respond?

    No one has ever confirmed that Tim Stoen ever had even one jury trial.

  9. Here's one to watch! I just read that Jeff Schwartz,, has been appointed or put on the Arcata Economic Development committee, whatever that is. Being cited as a "former" city council candidate. wasn't a serious candidate, he never raised a dime outside his own pocket. What a joke. He can't even win a jury trial at his real job, his $80,000.00 a year job. I'm sure this is just part of some master plan, just like being a candidate for city council.

    How many people out there have thought or are thinking of leaving Humboldt County because of what it has come to be ? Unbelievable.

  10. Tim Stoen has never tried a case to a verdict, and couldn't even get holding orders in probable cause hearings because he didn't know the basic evidence rules. His response, when called upon to do a jury trial (he avoided it) was to have Jose Mendez (at the time right out of law school) assigned to advise him in jury selection.

    Schwartz has never won a trial in Humboldt and has only gone to jury twice: one hung, one acquitted in
    10 minutes. Rose has already posted an article regarding his competence as a defense lawyer.
    It's interesting to note that CAST has gone from needing two vertical prosecutors often trying cases back to back to a state where the one and only CAST prosecutor can dabble in local politics. Guess that means all is well.

  11. Yes I guess PG by doing "more with less" and "preventing crime by preventing crime" has single handedly stamped out child abuse/molestation in Humboldt County.

    And he's done a lot for stamping our violence and drugs too.

  12. Don't laugh. This guy intends to run for judge. As Judge Gallegos he can let even more criminals go free.

  13. Yes he does. And what greater person would the local drug barons (the marijuana millionaires) want to have in office.

    The one thing about being a Judge. he would have to get voted in as he could never be appointed. If by chanace he got elected there would be a record of his activties. Maybe not all the backroom or backporch dealing but at least the end result.

    He plans on running for Judge and plans to take over as DA ! That is the plan. What a magical place Humboldt County will be if their plans and dreams are realized.

  14. Having had many personal discussions with Paul over the last few years, being a judge has never come up once. Being the DA forever, yes, but judge??? Where do you get this from? It's news to me.

  15. Being the DA forever. Paul. Forever. The DA.

  16. Evidently Paul hasn't been candid with you 3/9/07 at 6:11. He tried to run for Judge in 2001, but was told he hadn't been a lawyer long enough. Now his plan is to use 2 of his investigators to build his image to run for judge. Do you really think if you asked him that Paul the plagiarizer would tell you the truth....oh come on now!


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