Sunday, March 04, 2007

A little more of Jeffrey "" Schwartz's history...

Re-trial granted for Napoleon Brown murder conviction
March 11, 2006

" ...After his conviction, Brown's lead attorney, Jeffrey Schwartz, went to work for the Humboldt County district attorney's office...

On Feb. 27, Judge Jerome Benson granted their motion to re-try the murder case on the grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel...

Wise and Zilversmit argued in court that Schwartz had not used every option in his arguments in Brown's defense.

They said Schwartz had failed to fully argue that the chain of causation had been broken in Brown's connection to White's death..."

Man Found Guilty of Murder, Four Counts of Robbery, Carjacking
Man convicted of getaway-car murder
Three Strikes - Court did not reject three-strikes law
New Deputy DA Schwartz excited about working for Gallegos
"...former Deputy District Attorney Tim Stoen introduced the two..." (Gallegos and Schwartz)
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  1. No wonder he has lost the only 2 cases he tried in humboldt and plea bargains the rest. Seems like Paul likes folks that are about as competent to practice as himself (aka incompetent)

    And the fact that he is the highest paid in the office next to Paulina is comforting also.

  2. Its pretty certain Paul's new hires won't be rocking the boat-hence the appearance of a tight ship...
    Where oh where is a real attorney from outside going to come from to run against this bunch in the next election which should be a piece of cake BTW.

    Ooh! Ooh! If I study real real hard maybe I can run for DA in '08!

  3. LOL, well, we have been informed that you do not have to go to school to be a lawyer. Do you have to be a lawyer to be a DA?

  4. No Rose, as far as Paul is concerned all you have to be is incompetent or a forger.

  5. This should really come as no surprise. His sad sack work ethic and level of incompetence are a running joke on the second floor, as has been regularly noted in the blogs. If he were a passionate and competent defense lawyer, someone dedicated to professional excellence, he would have brought those traits to the DA's office. Of course, it wouldn't have been this DA's office.

  6. I believe you have to be an attorney to be a DA, at least in the Golden State. That's not saying much, just look at some of the other local attorneys ! There are a few peaches but there are more basic losers.

  7. Hey, is it true one of the Whitethorn rapists has been arrested for another rape? Who's going to prosecute this one? And who's going to apologize to the girl and her parents for the fact that the goon was on the loose? Guess that last victim wasn't so off base after all, yougo baby.

  8. oh yeah - it was the rape of a 15 year old, but who's gonna bet that yougofree will find someway not to charge it so he will not have to eat the bad press?


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