Thursday, March 08, 2007

You decide

What's more imprtant - Palco or CAST? Poll moved to sidebar.


  1. what is the current status of the CAST? is it gone or just doesn't have any funding or personnel or what.

  2. And that was a very touching statement by Jose Mendez about his good friend yougofree and Amanda, the DDA that got dumped and was Jose's sweetie.

    We should all be thankful that loser is gone.

  3. CAST has lost its two experienced interview specialists, lost its detectives, and has, in place of
    two full time prosecutors recognized by the bench and bar as highly competent to one prosecutor who has never won a trial and spends most of his time
    dabbling in Arcata politics.

  4. CAST does not have an interviewer at this time, since the main interviewer has moved on. The relief interviewer is doing all interviews but management refuses to allow the backup to promote to the position as in the past. There is only one backup and the only person at Child Welfare Services with experience and training as a Forensic Interviewer.

    Jeffrey Schwartz is a lazy prosecutor, who wants to plea bargain all cases, and his best friend, Paul, likes to plea bargain to protect his numbers.

  5. Scwartz may or may not be lazy,that's not the problem. It's that he is most likely not stable. He beleives and has stated so on many public venues that the US Gov. blew up the towers on 9-11 and faked the phone calls of passengers on the downed airliners. How can he be in a position of power?

  6. Lazy is bad enough, but unstable is scary. Got a link? I did not know about this, but it is very concerning.


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