Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gallegos and Pelican Bay - what's the real story?

I'm not sure what to make of this article, but it's got a couple of interesting references to Gallegos' time (defending prisoners) at Pelican Bay... There were rumors of double billing and being kicked out of Del Norte County flying around... plus the allegations of passing notes between prisoners and illegally taping guard/inmate conversations and having his tape recorder and tapes bagged into evidence right in front of him. The latter, at least is documented.

Then there's these two references in this article below that give another glimpse into what happened, in his own words, sort of:

"...Other lawyers tell similar stories of beating the prosecution too many times and then finding themselves with fewer defense appointments. "Now the judges go all the way down to Humbolt to find incompetent, pony-tailed fuck-ups who alienate juries and can’t win cases," says de Solenni..."

..."I am convinced that they went after Easton because he filed suits on behalf of prisoners," say defense attorney Paul Gallegos, who has been accused of gang affiliation by the DA. "That accusation was patently absurd. The DA didn’t even realize he was, by implication, accusing the judge who appointed me to the case..."

So - Gallegos was accused of gang affiliation? That's a little heavier than just passing notes... What's the real story?

Rural Prison as Colonial Master
rsklnkv | 02 October, 2006 19:13


  1. I thought you were hard on paul but they are even harder on the DN DA, Paul is accusing him of outright corruption.

  2. If Paul isn't careful Del Norte could file a defamation case where Paul could find himself on the stand under oath. Defamation is tough to prove, but Riese doesn't need to want to prove it, he just has to want to watch his lawyers ream Paul on the stand.

  3. Paul on the witness stand? Yes that would be sweet!

    And by the pony tailed Humboldt fuck up is he referring to Clanton?

  4. Of course he is.

  5. I was a colleague of Paul's in Del Norte and he made an honest effort to defend the inmates. He was almost targeted by the former DA like some of other attorneys who wouldn't sell out thier clients.

    It was DeSolenni who called Clanton the fuck up, Clinton Alley didn't have a pony tail.


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