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Tuesday, September 19, 1972


The third exposé by Les Kinsolving - originally published in the San Francisco Examiner in 1972 - Tim Stoen, front and center - an illegal Temple marriage, welfare fraud, and phony faith healing... you begin to see Stoen's duplicity.


  1. Nothing surprises me about Stoen. I've seen the movie and the PBS documentary.

    It still amazes me he was selected as the ADA here in Humboldt with his background. It amazes me even more that he is still working as a DDA, even if it is Mendocino County!

    I would think he is keeping a little bit more of a low profile now. After less than honorable departure from the Humboldt DA's office.

  2. When you watch the 'docuganda' look for any mention of Stoen. The man who was at the heart of the People's Temple, whose son was the subject of a 'custody battle.' The man who covered up Jones' every transgression, and more...

  3. .....Stanley Nelson's docuganda brings revisionist history to a whole new level, starting with his oh-so sweet mercy for the Sins Of Stoen. This boils down to leaving slippery-like-a-moray-eel Timmy to glide away from the camera's incriminating glare and hide comfortably under those rocks of Ft. Bragg's Mendocino County Asst. D.A. office.

    Free to stop any early exposes of his former cult master. Free to use his legal muscle flexing to prevent parents from rescuing their children sent to the foster hell homes of the Temple, which lead to their slaughter in Guyana. Free to cover up a massive voter fraud in the '75 San Francisco mayoral race.

    Yep. Then comes the "really hits home" part....Our current slithering, bottom-feeding local official named Gallegos decides that the people of Humboldt County should make room for Tim. So, D.A. Paulie invites everybody in for a good long toxic banquet.

    Before he finished his reign of carnage here and was booted out--headed back to Mendocino County, the place where he had plotted killing a reporter while working in the D.A.'s office, Timmy tried his best to ruin the life of a certain Debi August.

    Why?? Because she had sounded the alarm against the shyster tactics billowing forth from the Gallegos/Stoen two-headed hydra.

    This must be where it all germinates. Oh, "it"?? That would be the often reported "judicial tyranny" we frequently witness--this is where it starts, folks; with immoral, self-serving, disingenuous d.a.'s and their like-minded henchmen.

    Some of the latter even come out of famous cults. But don't count on getting anything but a disgraceful coverup from tomorrow night's public television airing of "Jonestown".

    PBS. Our favorite left-wing tax-sucking lobby.

    Stoen-ed again.

  4. Tim Stoen's foray into Humboldt Co. is but just another headline-grabbing failure by the man who seems to never accomplish what he set out to do. Stoen's history has been to arrive with much heraldry, wreak as much havoc as possible, quit & then strut back to Mendocino Co. where, for some inexplicable reason, he is always welcomed with as much fanfare as a long lost son returning from war. Stoen has had many less than honorable departures, Anonymous. He is as small in character as he is in stature but, mark my words, he is most definitely not a low profile kind of guy!

  5. Be interesting to see what happens to TS now that Ms. Lintott has finally ben elected DA in Mendocino.

  6. Actually, it might not be so interesting. Stoen is going to be 70 years old in Jan. so he'll probably retire & we'll probably be told that was his plan all along. No matter who his boss is, Stoen will never have to tuck his tail between his legs in Mendocino County. But watch your ballots...


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