Thursday, April 12, 2007

100% Committed

So said CANDIDATE Paul Gallegos..."“We are absolutely committed to the success of CAST and the discovery and prosecution of child abusers,” in May of 2006.


  1. You have it all wrong. The current DA's office is committed to doing "more with less", to being "tuned and buffed" ! The situation created by the DA, his advisors (handlers), and those that lick his boots or allow him to continue is a disaster in the making. Mark my words.

    I'd rag on the DA's office more but there are still two (maybe 2 and 1/2) good deputy DA's working there.

  2. Perhaps - but their ethics are more than questionable

  3. The ethics of the remaining legacy DA's are impeccable.

  4. Let me understand. Schwartz, who apparently is being cross trained while learning the job, is supposed to fill the shoes of the likes of Rob Wade, Allison Jackson, Maggie Fleming, Andrew Isaac? How is that working out? How does his win/lose
    record, his filing record, his time with victims, his
    skill level, compare with his predecessors. What did he bring to the table that
    they lacked? Oh, right.
    He's a lapdog. Well, that's certainly better than having
    someone who knows what they're doing. Let's move them out, run them off, and make room for Jeff. Brilliant.

  5. Well this way Jeff gets top step pay and does't have to work for it. He jsut has to be a yes man.

    Love that photo Rose ! Receeding hairline and a dumbfounded look on his face.

  6. That isn't a dumbfounded look-he was answering the question:
    Do you have any friends left?
    A: Still studying the evidence.

    Next Q: What does your wife think about your job performance?
    A: Ummmm

  7. tuned and buffed, dude.


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