Saturday, April 21, 2007

In case you missed it...

This letter to the editor is worth repeating, and needs to be part of the permanent record:

Humboldt Baykeeper seems to have lost its way as a positive force
by Ron Fritzsche, 2/10/2006

Dear Editor,
As a marine biologist and member of Humboldt Baykeeper, I continue to be disappointed in the actions of Humboldt Baykeeper as reported in the local media.

I was duped into thinking that it was an organization that would be a positive force for Humboldt Bay. I soon found out that Humboldt Baykeeper is willing to collect money but does not involve the “members” in any way. The director does have a self-appointed advisory board that is “available for us to consult with from time to time,” according to the Humboldt Baykeeper.

Interestingly, there isn’t a single Humboldt State University faculty member on the board. One would think that faculty from disciplines such as chemistry, oceanography, and environmental resources engineering would be important to an organization concerned about water quality and contamination issues. Scientific input and peer review is the key to providing validity and credibility to statements and positions taken by the organization.

Additionally, Humboldt Baykeeper has acted in a manner opposite to what was indicated would be the case. Rather than being an organization that would help facilitate the identification, cleanup, and remediation of possible contamination, Humboldt Baykeeper seems intent on hindering the process by threatening lawsuits or making grandstand statements that appear to serve a need to gain publicity. The Humboldt Baykeeper had stated publicly that litigation would be the last resort after all attempts to work with the landowner to resolve identified problems had failed.

I have decided not to renew my membership in Humboldt Baykeeper. I recommend that others consider doing the same.

Ron Fritzsche


  1. Not surprising

  2. Wow. Hot news just off the uh press...

    Bottom feeder stuff.

  3. I live on Pine Hill and the air here usually reeks from the pulp mill,however that smell has been replaced with the smell of sour grapes.

  4. Fritzche is a liberal with,intelligence,class, common sence,the ability to question and use his own understanding to come to conclusions. He does understand science and therefore is a dangerous and uncontrolable quanity for the radicals. He is what a liberal in the classical definition means. The radical progressive just can't stand that.

  5. Sure Rose.

  6. It is perhaps more relevant today than the day it was published - a letter that well written by someone of Fritzsche's credentials, attempting to get the message out about such an important topic warrants attention. It represents the truth, to counter the slick public relations spin that "Baykeeper" cares about the health of the bay..

    Letters to the editor have to tell the story with very few words - so it is easy for you to miss his point about who is making the decisions - and it isn't the "members."

    Like the "members" of the so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business," those who think they are part of "the group" soon find out they are nothing more than window dressing.

  7. Robin Shelley4/22/2007 9:08 PM

    And a source of money.

  8. OH! GOD! YES! follow the money. Another Earth day ,another Dollar.

  9. GOOD POINT! Robin! How could I miss that?

  10. Talk about bottom feeding and sour baykeeper folks like Nichols, Miller, Salzman...who keep coming on this site (which is for discussion and not your poisonous ranting) go away if you can do nothing but attack the messenger. Seems to me that since you can't address the letter and comments to this post, you personally regressive of you - and I am sure you call yourselves progressive...what a crock - you give progressive politics a bad name.

  11. It is indeed for discussion - and honest information about what that predatory litigious "Baykeeper" might be doing that is good can be entered in the discussion, and will be seriously considered.

    As will information about the real people who really are working on important issues, the ones who never get any notice, who aren't in it for easy money, and aren't pursuing a partisan agenda.

    There is alot of good here, it isn't all doom and gloom and blame, defame, and sue.


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