Thursday, April 26, 2007

Board commends Victim Witness Office

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Tuesday commended the District Attorney Victim Witness Office for 25 years of service in the community.

Victim Witness assists victims of crimes in coping with trauma, accompanying them to court and connecting victims with community resources.

Victim Witness sees about 1,000 victims and family members per year.

Twenty-year volunteer Audrey Pacheco was awarded with a surprise when the board adopted an additional resolution commending her for her years of service in the community.

“It’s been 20 wonderful years, very much rewarding,” she said.

full story - Board commends Victim Witness Office
Well deserved praise for some amazing people and a great program.

And luckily, though he should have been there, District Attorney Paul Gallegos was nowhere to be seen.



  1. Much as I find the fellow
    distasteful, isn't he picking a jury in a murder case? In the morning, anyway. On the other hand, perhaps he was surfing.

    Was the stalwart Mr. Keat or the elegant Ms. Fleming tasked to represent the boss? Or did he just blow it off?

  2. Well I saw him walking down 5th St. with a flock os seaguls trailing him at about 1145 am. Included in the seaguls was and Arney the skirt chaser.

  3. What about the Moore shooting? People are not going to forget.

    No slack for Mr. Gallgos.

  4. 7:41 - I guess I should find a countdown gadget...

    Day 961 - and still no decision...

  5. So he blew it off. Not a shock, since most of those people, since they are Pro VICTIM, despise him and he knows it. Better to have lunch with the grovelling Gollums than acknowledge legitimate service.


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