Saturday, April 07, 2007

February 2004

In a 2/23/04 Letter to the Editor, Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) Chairman Patrick Riggs said: "As a second-grade teacher, I am deeply concerned with children's safety in our community. My children and yours are better protected now, with Paul Gallegos as district attorney, than they have ever been before."

Ya think?

Who is safer right now, Patrick? The children? Or the child molesters?


  1. AS a parent my fears are not singular to my childrens safty. It's not just a DA thing,it's a break down in values at a foundational level. The fact that Pat Riggs is a secound grade teacher is amoung our greatest concerns. No, he is no child molester. He is a radical that pushes the farthest fringes. I do not trust his judgement on appropriate subject matter or depth for secound grade students or any other grade level. Mr. Riggs is the poster boy for our failing government education system and why I send my children to private schools.

  2. Do you think Patrick cringes when he sees his statements a couple years later? I wonder what he thinks.

    A second grade school teacher! That's disturbing to have Patrick helping t mold young minds and personalities.

    Eureka is a safer place because of Gallegos?

  3. Patrick Riggs is an Alice Birney Elementary School second-grade teacher, was one of the spokesmen for
    the Friends of Paul Gallegos, "co-founder" of Loco, I mean "Local Solutions," and Chairman of the Humboldt Democratic Central Committee. His actions as the latter are a topic for another post.

  4. More to the point, he knows nothing about the prosecution business. Not that ignorance is a bar to anything in Humboldt County.

  5. I am proud that we live in this forgiving of a society and the school district does not hold Patrick's sexual orientation against him but I question having him shape second grade minds with his liberal agenda.

  6. And for the record, I'm guessing that comment refers back to 11:23 accurately stating that Riggs is no child molester.

    That certainly wasn't a part of the post. The point of the post actually is Rigg's horrifically bad judgement, or, more to the point, his willingness to sell out the kid's safety, downplay the kid's safety, use kids in pursuit of his agenda.

    Because "Timber Yessssss, F-R-A-U-D No" is more fun and exciting than the real hard work and dedication that was a hallmark of the dynamite team of prosecutors Gallegos inherited, and squandered, "drove off or outright fired."

    Riggs may not have known how bad Gallegos was at the time he made those remarks, but events since then should have caused him to revoke his endorsement. He hasn't and that is very telling.


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