Saturday, April 14, 2007

He can't

His handlers, especially Ken Miller, howl for him to press charges against the officers involved in the Cheri Moore shooting.

With all of the evidence in, Gallegos knows that the right thing to do goes against their wishes. So he is paralyzed, and has been for a year now.

There is no magic rabbit to be pulled out of the hat by Salzman and the high-priced PR firm that has given him his talking points through recent elections. No one to construct the "right to lie" rhetoric.

Regardless - he has an easy out. This case cannot be handled by Paul Gallegos. He has to send this one up to the AG because with his demonstrated antipathy towards the law enforcement community and their vote of no confidence in him, any charges he files will be highly suspect.

He has a chance to do the right thing. Let's see if he can do it.

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  1. "He has to send this one up to the AG..."

    Didn't a certain Mr. Dikeman suggest just that before Gags' disastrous re-election?

    Paul can't do it because he didn't think of it.

  2. Paul. Think. mmmm, not so much.Scheme, maybe. But think, no.


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