Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Justice for All"?

"Joi died on March 19, 2002, probably bent into the bathtub of a condemned trailer in Orick, her body weighing only 60 pounds and swathed in a soiled disposable diaper.

A medical examiner determined that Joi, 42 years old and long rendered helpless by multiple sclerosis, died from lobar pneumonia with a variety of contributing factors.

These included MS, malnutrition, a urinary tract infection from a catheter that hadn’t been cleaned in several months and 20 or more feces-infected bedsores, two of which gaped so wide and deep that the bones beneath were exposed."

Joseph Pierre Rollin "was convicted only of the enhanced abuse of a dependent adult and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

But in December, the conviction was reversed on appeal because, court documents show, Gallegos repeatedly used Pierre’s non-Mirandized denial of responsibility for Joi’s death — later refuted by a Mirandized confession — as evidence of his guilt.

Joseph Pierre Rollin was returned to the Humboldt County jail last week and is scheduled to appear Monday (April 30, 2007) for a new pre-trial hearing."

Joi's mother, Betty "has tried repeatedly to contact the DA" but he has not spoken to her.

I just don't get it. Why? Why hasn't he called her back?

Why did Paul Gallegos run for the job of District Attorney? He made alot of pronouncements about what he thought doing the job meant.

Well, talking to victim's families is part of that job, and in fact, helping victim's families find justice ought to be the most pleasurable and rewarding part of his job.

Instead he says (in an e-mail to the Eureka Reporter) "“As with all cases, we operate on the assumption that they will be tried. We are also obligated to listen and evaluate all evidence related to any possible legal, factual and equitable issues and we will. I am under the assumption that Ms. Henderson is being assisted by one (of) our most experienced victim witness advocates. I believe she will confirm that. Any possible pre-trial resolution would be discussed with the family prior to being agreed to. Of course, the ultimate decision rests entirely with me and I will exercise that authority vested in me with an eye toward balancing the duty to impose an appropriate consequence while tempering that with compassion.”"

What happened to "Justice for all!"?

It's not Palco - but what about justice for Joi Henderson Wright and her family?

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The history:
ER - Ruling of man accused of causing the death of Orick woman overturned 12/13/2006
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ER - Abuse Case Weak Against Brother, Trial Of Caregiver To Begin 8/6/04
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There are also twelve stories in the Times Standard, but they are not freely available online.
Brother of convicted dependent adult abuser sentenced on embezzlement charges 11/10/04
Brother of recently sentenced dependent abuser arrested 10/9/04
Dependent adult abuser sentenced to three years 10/6/04
Former caregiver found guilty in woman's death 9/3/04
Dependent abuse trial goes to jury 9/1/04
Closing arguments begin in dependent abuse trial 8/31/04
Manslaughter trial finishes first week of testimony 8/21/04
Deputy briefly takes the stand in manslaughter trail 8/20/04
Nurse only witness Wednesday in manslaughter trial 8/19/04
Dependent adult abuse trial enters second day 8/18/04
Dependent adult death trial begins 8/17, 2004
Grand jury probes death of disabled woman 7/8/04


  1. There are two sides to this,and both are ugly.
    First, the mother. Re read the description of the victim, then ask, where was Mom? Follow that train of thought. Now she thinks the DA is neglectful? Nice.

    Second, the DA. This case was being implacably and competently prosecuted by Allison Jackson. PVG took it over when he fired her, and hopelessly goatscrewed it. He doesn't call victims back, ever, but this case in particular has no good feelings for him. Better to go surfing.

  2. Mom was several thousand miles away calling APS and the sheriff's office trying to get anyone to help.

  3. Joi was an adult. She wanted her independence. Perhaps she did not want to be a burden on her family. She chose to put her trust in a man who betrayed her utterly and completely. Looks like social services did the same.

    That photo shows a vibrant, alive, happy person, and we know she suffered from a debilitating disease.

    One question now is whether there are consequences to accepting responsibility to care for her and then squandering her money and leaving her naked in a bathtub to rot and die.

    The other question is whether or not Paul Gallegos will try to plea bargain this one in order to sweep it under the rug to hide his own failure.

  4. He will plead it or
    Arnie or Alan will
    "volunteer" to take it, because PVG is soooo busy with slam dunks like Applegate and, of course, meeting with victims, victim witness, hell, anybody who wants to surf, he'll meet.

  5. Except, apparently, Joi's Mom.

  6. The above commenter holding forth on the absence of Joi's mother should acquaint himself with the basic facts of the matter. Joi's entire family was back and forth to California checking on Joi themselves pretty much any time they could find her. That Rollin kept moving her around from one secluded place to another was no accident. The family convinced Joi to come home on several occasions, but could not force her to stay. They rebuilt their house to make it accessible for her with her disability. They paid her bills when she made them aware of having any. They did a hundred times more than any family could be expected to do--and you are a clueless fucker if you think the fault in this case lies with them. APS failed Joi. In-home Supportive Services failed Joi. The Sheriff's Office failed Joi. And uninformed dimwits like you fail this entire county by perpetuating the myth that the absence of justice is somehow the fault of helpless victims.


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