Saturday, April 07, 2007

Last April...

Last April the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee Member Greg Conners argued in favor of endorsing Paul Gallegos for District Attorney, portraying "the D.A. as an anti-corruption crusader who deserves another term.

A former Eureka city planning commissioner, Conners said he's "seen corruption at the local level as if it were a sewer I was walking through up to my waist" and "you couldn't get the local district attorney to touch those issues with a ten-foot pole."

But it's different now, Conners continued. "Paul Gallegos is the first district attorney that I know of, in my lifetime - and this a courthouse brat who's been involved in local politics talking - who's had the balls to go after corporate corruption and political corruption," he said.

Think about that.


  1. Conners is quite a bit left of center on pretty much every issue that I've read.

    Conners quoted comments on corporate corruption and political corruption are amusing.

    Corporate corruption. I guess this means PL? PL has been a target of those like Conners and Ken Miller for years. The harassing court action from the likes of Miller have taken it's toll on the company. Taken it's toll on many local families.

    Political corruption! What does Conners know of political corruption? Did he give any specifics? Does he mean political corruption like using your public office to persecute your political enemies? Or use your public office to give sweetheart plea arrangements for friends and famliy of your supporters? Or giving sweetheart plea arrangements for clients of your best friend? Is that the kind of corruption Conner is talking about?

    Farmer was not my pick for DA but Gallegos is several dozen times worse. When the hammer falls maybe someone can remind Conners of what he said and did in support of the corruption he talked about.

  2. Rose, I just read your entry to Greg. You are wlecome to call him at his office in Fortuna anytime to talk to him about this issue. Thank you.

  3. By the way, Greg's Dad, the Honorable Robert Conners, was a Eureka Municiple Court Judge and a former Deputy District Attorney.

  4. By the way, Rose, we voted for Farmer. It was obvious what Maxaam's motives were, so we voted no on the recall.

    If you run a better candidate next time, perhaps we will vote for her or him.

  5. It is too late.

    The better candidate was the person with 30 years of experience. Not the person with the gall to run for the top position without ever have done the job.

    Incompetence now reigns, and it will have far reaching effects on community safety for a long, long time. Meanwhile, where has the PL lawsuit got you?

  6. You gambled that Paul was a man of high moral character with a work ethic and a vision to make things better.

    You lost.

    Correct that. Humboldt County lost.

  7. Carol and Greg are both superficial hypocrites. To deny the injustice of what is going on and then just say we didn't like maxaam is truly lame. Maxaam was not involved with last election, but both supported Paul the plagiarizer because of his failed stupid lawsuit and niether gave a damn about victims of violent crime including sexually and physically abused women and children. And I don't give a shit about the fact that Carol espouses a history in one catagory or the other...that is what makes it even more despicable.

  8. It's the Cult of Paul. Overlook and explain away all of his transgressions, protect him the way you would a small child. Never hold him accountable and never ask questions.

    But more than that, hold him up to God status, trumpeting his "courage" for filing his Ken Miller's desperately desired lawsuit -- I mean "uncovering evidence of F-R-A-U-D." make sure you get the wording right. Gotta "frame" that debate after all.

  9. If Greg Conners made the quotes attributed to him he is a complete idiot? Moron? Liar ? Not sure what but a seriously messed up mind. For a "courthouse brat" he sure didn't pay attention to what has been going on.

  10. It is easy to understand believing that Palco was just trying to buy their way out of a lawsuit. Had people been informed about Gallegos' exploits in Del Norte/Pelican Bay, if they had any idea of the equally powerful activist forces that created the mystique of Paul, and the long-standing effort in support of their agenda, perhaps it would have made a difference. Had there been any reporting of - or questioning of Gallegos' experience and prior record, perhaps it would have made a difference.

    But this was just another political race to be viewed with aggrieved disdain and some amusement, the upstart young challenger nothing out of the ordinary. What difference would it possibly make? The system was the system after all, and it would work no matter who was in office.

    The Deputy DA's all stood with Farmer and said, in carefully couched words that did not read with voters, that this challenger had no merit or experience. They were ignored.

    And perhaps, at the time, Gallegos was still an innocent. Just a guy trying to improve his lot in life and get a job with some bennies for his family.

    But in the 9 months between his being elected, and his taking office, something happened.

    The results showed up immediately upon his taking office with the appointment of Tim Stoen to the top position, and the immediate filing of the Palco suit, the immediate seige mentality instituted by Gallegos, the strategies devised by his handlers to keep the secrets they were hiding.

    It all threatened to blow up in their faces when the possibility of a Recall was raised. And the handlers went into immediate battle mode.

    The "Alliance for Ethical Business" was formed, and the PR message carefully constructed - to set the stage, to avoid triggering any FPPC requirements, Salzman began his ad and PR campaign, drumming home the "justice for all" class warfare component, the "Fraud is not a victimless crime" "logging the way it used to be" "good timber jobs" messages, so that when the Recall happened, if it happened, the stage would be set.

    It was brilliantly played, and Gallegos only had to mouth Chauncey Gardner like platitudes - everyone knew what he meant - the groundwork had been well laid.

    People fell for that easy rhetoric. They did not ask what it meant - what do you mean logging the way it used to be? Isn't that what we had fought to get away from? Isn't that why clearcutting isn't done the way it used to be already?

    The villain was clearly identified, the David and Goliath story was a popular one, and the Cult of Paul was born.

    The people chose the psychopathic monster Stoen and the incompetent Gallegos because they hated Palco.

    The choice they made has cost them virtually ALL of their experienced prosecutors. It has cost them the innovative programs that had been developed to make the court system a friendlier place for victims, and a better place for gathering accurate evidence.

    "Progressive values" set the county back 20 years or more.

    People in the courthouse know it. The law enforcement community not only knows it but stood up to say so in the last election.

    And now we know that the system does not necessarily work no matter who is in office.

  11. Anonymous said...
    4/10/2007 9:00 AM

    Carol and Greg are both superficial hypocrites.


    Well no what but they are people who owe back child support and Terry (was it Terry or Paul) who put the lean on their home?

    Rose, you just don't do your home work. Here you've had in your midst some one who's a 'dead beat dad' an on going part of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee ... and you don't know it. They bought that home years ago. Soon after the home was bought the DA's dead beat dad squad put the lean on their home. Ask who paid for it, talk to ms. ex-Greg, or the ex-mr Carol. Find out how this trist came to be, two homes busted up, for what? So an ex-republican could ‘sew his oats’ and maybe get some money from the ex-mr Carol.

    Carol suggested marriage counseling to the ex-mr Carol, AFTER she was sleeping with Greg. Don’t you love the ethics of these people? She was the choir master of the church he was a involved with. Ain’t love grand, when it busts up 2 homes, and leaves 5 kids in split homes? Funny thing the ex-mr Carol and ex-ms Greg were and are nice people who pay for and raise the kids while these leaders of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee ran a game, and played their 2nd childhoods together. Funny thing is the ex-mr-carol stood by her threw breast cancer … and the ex-ms.-greg raises the kids with out money. (Hum sounds like McCain dumping his wife when she got sick after she stood by him while he was in ‘nam.)

    Is the Carol Greg home, that ex-mr-carol paid for, still under a lean from the DA’s dead beat dad’s office. Maybe Rose can find out. Sorted sick stuff almost as bad as the cult that took over the Greens but not quite.


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